Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring is Springing

Yesterday went pretty well, it was definitely a busy day though!  I had two separate interviews, but at least they were relatively close to one another, and it was such that I was able to run home between them really quick in order to grab a bite to eat and brush my teeth again.  (Nobody wants to bring the stank).  I think both went fairly well, although it's hard to tell with these things sometimes.  At the very least, I feel very positive and confident that I was able to get interviews, sometimes that's the biggest battle.  If nothing else, each one is a learning experience and helps you build confidence.  I have a tough time with that sometimes because I can be very shy with strangers!  I wish there was a special job search site for introverted people who are smart, hard workers but terrible interviewers due to shyness!  I also tend to get this horrible hive type situation that happens with my skin when I'm nervous, and I turn blood red and blotchy from my chest up to my jaw line.  It's so horrible and I can feel it happening when I'm sitting there talking.  It's like, should I make a joke about not having leprosy, say nothing or what?  I've researched it and there is sadly nothing to be done about it medically, so short of interviewing while sitting in a pool of ice, I guess I'll just have to live with it

One thing that does drive me crazy about Portland sometimes is how casual everyone can be.  And don't get my wrong, my dream daily "uniform" would consist of jeans and a Motley Crue shirt, but you gotta class shiz up when it's an interview situation.  Yesterday I was the only one in a skirt in these interviews, everyone else was wearing jeans and raggedy looking clothes!  There is no excuse for it in my book, I got my very nice, sensible skirt for $16, and the blouses for that or less.  You don't have to break the bank to put together a few nice pieces.  One lady had on sneakers, and another girl had a very thin top with her black bra exposed.  It's like ladies, ladies, we are not trying out as backup dancers for Miley Cyrus, we are interviewing for professional office positions!!  Anyway, maybe it's just me being an old fogey, I dunno.

One part of my interview stuff for the first place was to complete this personality assessment.  Usually I scrunch my face about that stuff and mutter about how stupid it is.  They made us do them at my old job all the time, and I never felt the tests really got me.  But I took the assessment the interviewer sent me today and I have to say, I was pretty shock and impressed at how well it nailed nuanced details of my personality with the very random questions I answered.  There were maybe one of two points where I was like eh, I dunno, but for a free internet test it was pretty dead on.  If you are interested, here is the link.  I put in a fake phone number because no way am I submitting myself to spam texts/calls!

Today the weather was nice again, so I took Miss Molly for a walk.  We only went for a mile and a half because she seemed to be favoring her leg, but it was a nice walk just the same.  All of the trees and flowers here are absolutely exploding and are just gorgeous.

I am so tempted to throw caution to the wind and plant the rest of my flower seeds outside.  I really don't think we'll get a deep freeze before May, and it's so hard to hold back when the sun is shining and it's in the 50's every day!  I am trying to restrain myself because the weather was similar several years ago and I planted a bunch of stuff, then we got snow in March that killed everything!


  1. LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS! Oh man, I miss flowers.

    Glad you feel good about the interviews. I am SHOCKED people wore jeans. Seriously shocked. What?!?! You can go to Goodwill or other thrift shops and get nice business casual clothes for a couple of dollars!

  2. I can't even imagine going "casual" for an interview! Wow! That's crazy! Oooh the flowers are so pretty!

    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you for a job!

  3. I am serious pink flower envy...come on spring!! I completely do you show up at an interview for a job (that doesn't involve mucking stalls) in jeans.