Monday, February 2, 2015

Slow Bites, Chew Them Easy

Since I know you're wondering, honey you better believe I was singing that to the tune of Foghat!!

Today is weigh in Tuesday, and I'm happy to report that I lost 1.8 pounds so now I'm down to 205.8.  I am so excited and nervous, I am so close to the 100s.  I will be there by the end of the month I think, which is so exciting!  All the more reason to stay on point and just keep doing what I'm doing.

Yesterday I really worked on my February goal of slowing down my eating habits.  It's sad and hilarious to me how difficult it is for me to do, which probably means I really need to be serious about it.  I have to concentrate like I'm taking the SATs in order to consciously slow down.  For lunch I made a really nice entree salad with tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, boiled eggs and prosciutto.  I really made an effort to eat the salad as slowly as possible, and it actually look me about 30 minutes!  I would take a bite, put the fork down, chew slowly then take a sip of water after I swallowed.  Obviously this was pretty beneficial on many levels, I felt insanely full by the time I was done, I got most of my water requirements in by the time lunch was over and I truly enjoyed my salad.  When I would get a "perfect" bite on the fork that had a little bit of everything, I really was able to savor and enjoy what each ingredient brought to the table.  I actually genuinely enjoy salad, though my diet may not reflect it often.

On to fitness stuff, I am actually shocked/saddened that planks feel difficult for me this time around.  I guess it's good that I decided to do them as a goal, because clearly my core and arms need work.  But just a month ago I could have done a 30 second plank with no issue, and now I shake like a leaf!  Today I have to do 40 seconds and I'm not looking forward to that! I have to admit, my back feels weird when I finish doing planks, which majorly irritates me on every level.  At a certain point I can't not do strength exercises, and I'm already irritated that I had to put down weights and lose 2 weeks of fitness due to resting my back.  Hopefully it gets better!

Not to get off on a bummer note but today marks a sad anniversary for us.  It's been two years since we lost our sweet little dog Natasha, aka Tootie.  It feels raw enough still that it's like it happened yesterday, and I still get very sad that she's not with us anymore.  If you'd met her you'd totally understand, she was about the sweetest dog you've ever met, but she was also incredibly goofy and funny.  I've never laughed as hard in my life the way we did at that crazy dog on a daily basis.  I think she lived to make us laugh, especially since we usually gave her treats as a reward after.  I was going to find a picture to post when it occurred to me that I have a million videos of her, so I wanted to post one so you could see just how cute she was.  Blogger was being a mega jackass about me posting the really cute video from my phone that I wanted to post, so I had to pull this other one from my old Youtube account.  It's not as funny, but still pretty cute.  She always took being dressed up in stride:


  1. I am sorry for the loss of your wonderful dog. I'm sorry it still hurts. Hugs to you!

    And on a lighter note, I saw your blog title in my reader list and sang it like that in my head. Great minds!

    Good luck with your plank today. You can do it!

    1. She was one of those once in a lifetime dogs. Super funny, sweet and good as gold. I know it devastated me, but it really hit poor Eric hard too, he loved that little dog!

      I love that silly Foghat song!

  2. Awww Natasha sounds like a wonderful pup. We lost our Buzzy about 2 years ago too. I want another dog so badly. Maybe soon.

    I love that song and yes, it is now stuck in my head forever more when I start to eat now. Thankyouverymuch :)

    1. It never gets easier sadly. I'd had Natasha since I was 19 years old, so it was pretty hard. We'd just lost our other dog about 3 years before that, so when Natasha passed the house felt so empty. I've had a dog in my life since I was 5 years old, so to be suddenly without one was unnatural for me! Molly is a good girl and I'm glad we rescued her. She's brought a lot of joy back into the house.

  3. Congrats on the consistent weight loss. I am sorry to hear about your sadness for your pup, Natasha.I don't even want to think about when that time is going to come. Those of us without children (well kids without fur) take it much harder because they are our children. But, on a good note, your Molly is hilarious. I think the way you describe her disdain for any inclement weather or extra long walks is the funniest. She's too cute.

    On your planks, make sure you are not sagging your back when you do them. You may need a mirror, but it's a very common thing and will cause back issues. Same thing with doing burpees when you don't hold the core perfectly level. It's better to have your back too high (but up a bit) than too low from a mechanics standpoint.

    If you are doing your planks on your hands, try them on your elbows until you are sure that your core can remain level and not affect your lower back.

    Oh and I love the new blog template. Very cute.

    1. Molly is funny for sure, she's just way more of a demanding diva than Tash ever was, so sometimes it's hard to get used to. She's like a toddler constantly trying to get into something, whereas Tash was pretty mellow and just happy to go snore away on her bed upstairs.

      Yeah I may put the mirror on the floor to check my form, but I don't think I'm sagging. I do planks on my hands because I actually find it harder on my elbows! I'm actually thinking about starting up Stomach Formula again, because my core and even my legs were more muscular. I had been doing SF for awhile before I did the plank thing the first time, and I felt solid as a rock and never shook that badly with planks. Craziness.

  4. Awesome job on the weight!!! You're killing it!! Planks are way hard--way to go!

    Your dog is sooo cute!! I have not doubt she was a sweetie! I'm sorry about the loss:(