Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Intentions

I really like this habit I've created of having monthly goals to focus.  It keeps things interesting and gives me something specific to strive for other than "be healthier" or "lose weight".  While everyone should dream big and all of that, I think I was a bit too aggressive for January and had too many things that I tried to focus on.  Obviously getting hurt didn't help, but still.  I didn't factor in how much jumping back into job searching would affect my time to workout, although it was a good lesson of having to adjust for life when I get a job again.  When I was setting my intentions for February I wanted to make sure that I went back to basics and focus on specific things that have been on my mind and keep the list short!

With all of that fanfare, these are my goals for February:
  • Restart the 30 Day Plank Challenge.  I am noticing that my core doesn't feel as strong as it did when I was doing the Stomach Formula and my planks, so I really want to make sure core strength is a priority.  It will make me a better runner and hopefully help some of the roly poly that I perceive in my tummy.  Obviously February doesn't have 30 days in it, so I'm just going to skip the first couple days of the challenge.
  • 280,000 Steps.  I'm dialing my shiz back down to a goal of 10,000 steps a day.  375,000 was just way too ambitious of a goal to hit.  It will be all well and good for when I'm marathon training, but now not so much.  
  • Tighten Up Nutrition.  Obviously I am Team Eat Whatever and proud of it.  The days of me denying what I want to eat are long gone, but I have noticed a trend of me going over my macros for fat, sodium or carbs  and severely under for fiber over the past month or so.  I don't really care if it's a day here and there, but it shouldn't be every single day, so I am going to make a better effort towards staying under or at ALL macros on MFP for the month.
  • Salad with at least one meal daily.  I was inspired by a post on Andie Mitchell's site where she talks about starting meals with a salad in order to start her meal out on a healthy note.  I feel like I often don't get enough fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet, so I think starting at least one meal with a salad is a good goal.  I gots to have that fiber, yo.  I genuinely like salad quite a bit, so this will be a good goal.  When I prep salad fixings ahead of time I find that I'm much more likely to throw one together, so I'm striving for that.
  • Slow it down.  When it comes to eating I'm like Lionel Richie, I can't slow down.  I eat so fast that you can hear a sonic boom, and I have been like that since I was a kid.  I'm not sure why, it's not like we had a huge family with no food around.  I didn't grow up like a little British gutter snipe.  I just eat really fast.  I really want to set the intention of slowing down my eating for February, because I feel like I will enjoy my food more and register fullness a little sooner.  I know I will never be like my grandmother, who was such a slow eater that my aunt decided to time her one day and noted that it took her 10 minutes to eat *one* shrimp.  (The cussing fit when she realized we were timing her was glorious).  But, I really do want to attempt to shift my habit towards eating slower!  So fork down between bites, slower chewing...those old chestnuts.  
What about you guys?  Have you set any fitness, nutrition or personal intentions for the month?  Let me know in the comments!

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