Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All You Skirts Know What's Up With 213

Last night was really awesome!  It was so great to reconnect with my friend and catch up on what's going on.  We agreed that it's crazy that we don't get together more often, so we're going to try to make a better effort to do outings more often.  It definitely put me in a better place mentally, just getting out and having fun and being social.  I was telling my ladies group that sometimes getting dressed up and putting on some red lipstick when you're feeling blue makes all of the difference in the world.  It occurs to me that not only am I isolated, but I tend to just sit in my pajamas or beat up clothes all the time.  I think once in awhile making the effort to put on makeup, have my hair look decent and dress a little nicer would probably help my mood and self esteem.  I put on a cute dress yesterday, made an effort with my hair and of course put on my red lipstick, and I felt pretty and confident.  Probably should have done that sooner!

I stuck to my plan yesterday of what I wanted to get at dinner, and had enough calories to get an unplanned extra glass of wine!  I also got over 12k steps in and drank my allotted water.  I still feel snacky at times, but I think a lot of that is just more about impulse/habit than hunger and the less I do it, the easier it will be to get 100% back to normal.

Another boost of confidence this week came from getting two interviews, which will be later in the week.  If you've ever been unemployed for awhile, you know the anxiety that job searching brings!  It's ten times worse than dating, because logistically you can live without a partner, but you can't survive without paying bills!  It's tough to send off tons of resumes and not hear anything back so regardless of how these interviews turn out, at least I can feel like me and my experience warrants interest.  Definitely helps my confidence.

This cold and cough crap is still hanging on. though it's definitely turning a corner.  It's mostly at night that it bothers me, I start losing my voice around 7 pm and I still am waking up 1-2 times a night from coughing jags.  The only way to resolve them is to sit up and drink water.  Super annoying to have to wake up for that, but at least I am getting sleep!  Then when I get up in the morning there is a lot of coughing up of stuff, which is always so glamorous and lovely.  I think I am going to try a short run this weekend to see where I am at physically.  I think by then my lungs will be in better shape.

In a very important PSA, did anyone see the mashup on Jimmy Kimmel with Warren G and Kenny G doing "Regulate" together?  It's honestly pretty awesome.  I feel like it's a topsy turvy world this week because not only did I have to admit that I didn't hate Lady Gaga's performance at the Oscars, now I'm about to admit that I was grooving out to Kenny G.  Whether I can recover from the shame is debatable.

In an attempt to recover some of my rock street cred, I wanted to share this article a friend showed me this morning about Trent Reznor.  Apparently he is very passionate about greyhound rescue and also has greyhounds of his own.  I have grown to love and adore the greyhound breed, despite the fact that my own greyhound does things like sneeze in my face when I'm sick and tries to steal food off the counter, even if it's just lettuce.  They are truly special, wonderful dogs and I wish more people would discover them.  They desperately need and deserve loving homes after living a less than ideal life in cages on the race track.  One of these days, if you guys don't mind, I'd like to do a post about greyhounds just to get some more information about them out there.  They make wonderful pets, are very quiet and actually don't need much room or exercise at all!

You guys probably won't hear much from me tomorrow since I have both of my interviews, plus I'm having a coffee date with my aunt.  Look for a new post on Friday!


  1. I would love a greyhound post! Good luck with the interviews. I am teetering on the edge of the cold funk...hopefully, I won't get it as bad as you have had it.

  2. OH Shoot! I saw that Trent Reznor article too and I meant to share it with you! I'm glad someone else did though! I'd love a greyhound post too! My aunt had one and Shiloh was the sweetest doggie! GOOD LUCK TODAY!

  3. I hope your interviews went well!