Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Whirlwind!

First of all, just a little shout out to anyone who is living in the path of the likely blizzard that's going to hit the East coast.  I hope you guys stay safe, warm and off the roads.  Be careful out there and try to check on your neighbors, especially those memaws and pepaws who may be alone.

I wanted to go back and kind of recap the weekend, since I wanted to dedicate yesterday's post to my Runs For Cookies 5k recap.  It was a busy one!


I did something out of my comfort zone Friday and made banana peanut butter muffins.  I have a very weird relationship with bananas, sometimes I'm totally like "yay bananas", but most of the time I really don't like them at all.  Super ripe bananas are a thing of evil and are not allowed in my house.  Whoever invented banana pudding and decided to involve poor innocent Nilla Wafers in that unholy mess should be flogged.  Don't get me started on banana flavored Runts or Jelly Belly beans, since they live just to taint the rest of the candy in the box with their skanky ways.  If I eat a banana on its own, it has to be at that perfect Hale Bopp comet stage of just ripe enough to not make your mouth pucker, but containing no brown spots.  I think it's mostly the smell of really ripe bananas that gets me, there's just something about it that makes me cringe.  I had to eat a lot of them due to my unrelenting leg cramps while marathon training a couple of years ago, and I'm sure I'll have to get back in the habit of it again.  Not thrilled really.  Bloody Marys have a lot of potassium right?  Maybe that's what I could do instead.

Regardless of my psychotic quirks, I buy bananas very faithfully because my husband likes them, but inevitably there are always a couple that commit the unpardonable sin of getting brown and stinking up the joint.  Typically they just get frozen to make smoothies, but last week Eric made banana bread for the heck of it.  Usually banana bread puts me over the edge, but I was surprised at how nice it made the house smell.  I took a nibble of the edge of the loaf, and props to my husband, it actually was pretty decent and didn't make me want to run screaming.  (I say that because I hate banana bread, not because he's a bad cook!)  Having that little breakthrough made me want to try to make muffins with some of our overly ripe bananas to try to get over my silly weirdness, but also to actually make breakfast for my husband instead of watching Golden Girls and mainlining coffee.  Except I overslept and the muffins didn't get done until after he left for work.  Oops.

I used this recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction for Peanut Butter Banana muffins.  I did omit the chocolate chips and also didn't do the peanut butter drizzle on top.  The muffins turned out okay, I mean, I didn't find my purpose in life after tasting them, but they are pretty good.  I have to admit though that they trip me out because they don't taste like peanut butter or bananas.  I don't know how that's possible or why, but they don't even have much sweetness to them at all despite honey, brown sugar and ripe bananas being in the recipe.  They taste similar to a bran muffin.  I do like that they're only 107 calories each (by my calculations on MFP), so at least you can have 2 muffins and not feel like a fatty.  We had them again Saturday and they were better after sitting overnight, and I did the PB drizzle on top.  Definitely gave it more oomph.


Saturday I went out for an ill fated "long run" since I was pretty lazy for most of the week.  I wanted to do 5 miles, but when I got out there it was clear that my body wasn't having any part of that.  My legs were really heavy and my lungs just weren't cooperating with me at all.  I ended up only doing 4 miles in an hour, and only 24 minutes of that was running.  I've reached a stage in my running "career" that I just honestly don't feel bad about walking.  I feel like if a walk break is the difference in between me moving forward or throwing in the towel in misery, I'm picking the walk break every time.  I've accepted now that bad runs are just part of the package and don't get as bummed out about it, although I wish there were less of them.

After I was finished, I went shopping for some interview outfits and I am beyond excited.  Everything I tried on fit!  I actually panicked a little walking into the store because I was like, I honestly don't know what size I am for skirts or pants.  I was also gun shy since the last time I went shopping it made me feel depressed and bad about myself.  I grabbed a bunch of stuff and went into the dressing room, and every single thing fit!  No XL shirts, and 16s in the bottoms I tried on.  I actually had to narrow down my choices instead of picking the one thing that fit me.  I have to admit, I almost felt a little teary because it's been a very long time since I've felt excited about fashion.  I found THE cutest grey pencil skirt that goes with everything (think Christina Hendricks on Mad Men), so I got it and a couple of nice blouses.  I felt pretty, professional and like a girl.  Definitely a great feeling. I still need to get new jeans at some point, but that can wait since I'm not in total dire straights.

After that we went to see "The Imitation Game" since we are getting down to the wire for the Oscars!  I have to admit, I really wasn't super enthused about it going in, but then of course I ended up loving it and boo hooing at the end.  I thought I was discreet about it, but when we left Eric was like "Were we a little verklempt honey?"  I can't help it, I don't know why I am such a baby about movies.  I'm tough as nails in normal life, but get me in a movie with a sad scene and I'm leaking tears all over the place.  I totally dread seeing Selma and American Sniper, as my husband puts it those are "take your medicine" movies.  AKA good but emotionally draining.


Sunday I did the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5k.  Since I just wrote a recap on that I won't rehash it all over again, just go look at yesterday's post if you missed out.  My hip was in a lot of pain last night and I had trouble sleeping because of it, but I am sure it will work itself out by the end of the day today.  I'm moving around like an old lady!

Afterwards I went to a friend's baby shower out in Portland.  I swear the weather in Portland mocks me.  As you know, I am not like Rain Man, I am actually a very nervous driver.  One of the things I'm scared of most is driving over bridges, so you know it's smart that I live in a city nicknamed "Bridgetown" due to our many bridges.  Twelve to be exact.  Anyways it was insanely foggy today, and while it was mostly burned off on the freeways by the time I left, the Fremont bridge (the one that scares me the most) was enveloped in fog so it was like driving into a cloud.  Heart attack city, but I made it there and back!

The shower was very nice, and it was nice seeing my friend.  It had been awhile!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. Whew, what a whirlwind of a weekend! I always run with walk intervals. I like to read newbie runners talking about how proud they are they ran the whole (fill in the blank) distance and I remember feeling that way. Now I am all about what makes me feel good and if it walking and running at a 1:2 interval then so be it!

    I cried watching the In Memorium thing during the SAGs. Ugh.

  2. I'm glad you liked The Imitation Game! I, too, have love/hate relationship going with bananas. Currently love. But at any given moment it will go back to hate. Congrats on the shopping finds!

  3. Busy weekend!! I hope your hip feels better!!

    I have to eat bananas while mostly green--theyre the BEST as frozen yogurt :)