Sunday, January 18, 2015

Too Fast, Too Furious

So had a driving situation yesterday that, for lack of a more eloquent description, made my butthole fly into my throat and my heart drop into my colon.  There's a bad rain front that's been hanging around for a few days, though I didn't realize how bad until I drove into Portland to meet one of my friends for lunch.  I'm already a bit of a nervous driver, so I was not pleased that there were near whiteout conditions on the freeway and huge lakes of standing water.  People up here drive like a bunch of psychotic idiots, so everyone was driving about 20 miles too fast and whipping in and out of lanes.  I made it to the restaurant fine, but was a little shaken by the time I got there.  On the way  back I was in the middle lane and had someone next to me in the left lane hit a big puddle and start hydroplaning into my lane.  By some miracle the asshole who had been tailgating me a few minutes before had changed lanes, so I was able to hit the brakes in order to not get hit.  The guy hydroplaning over corrected and almost hit the median separating East and West 26, then over corrected back into my lane.  Somehow he managed to straighten his car out, and I managed to recover from every internal organ leaping into areas they didn't belong.  Seriously, it's like is this how I'm going to die, some idiot who is driving too fast hits me while I'm loudly singing along to Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"?

The rest of the day was really mellow compared to that.  I had a great lunch with my friend, I really miss seeing her and talking with her (we were coworkers at the job I left, and she left as well), so it was great catching up.  After I managed to make it home alive, Eric and I watched "The Grand Budapest Hotel" in order to cross another Best Picture nominee off our list.  I thought it was cute though a little convoluted.  I liked "Moonrise Kingdom" a lot better just because I do have a small little romantic streak buried deep in my dark little heart.  Now we have Imitation Game, Selma and American Sniper left.  I kind of dread all of those because they're going to be sad, so I'm going to have to come home and watch every funny Youtube video in my arsenal when those are done.

Today I decided to go out for a run to see where I am at physically and to see how my back would tolerate the activity.  I've been really anxious because I went from high energy, constantly moving, getting 12k+ steps a day to getting a paltry 6k steps due to taking it easier after my back injury.  I am so not hitting my step goal for January, which kind of blows but what can you do.

Anyway it was a fairly decent run/walk.  I went into it with the "this is just to see where I'm at, no judgement involved" attitude, which was for the best since I can tell I am not in as good of shape as I was at the end of December.  I did 4 miles and my lungs felt off and my legs were heavy.  Other than that I felt fine and probably could have gone longer, but I needed to run some errands and make lunch before settling in for football.  I definitely need to keep at it in order to build my stamina back up, but I generally felt positive about getting out there today.  My back feels okay right now, so I'm hoping that it will still be okay when I wake up tomorrow.  If it is, that tells me that weights are 100% my issue.

As I was out there running, I was planning out what training for my marathon will be like and what I'm going to do differently this time.   Part of me is a little unsure because I'm not sure what stage I'm going to be at in my weight loss by the time I begin training, which I'm estimating will be around the end of June/beginning of July.  I still don't have a goal weight in mind, it's really going to be based on how I look and feel, and I don't really know at what point in the year that's going to occur.  If I'm tentatively saying 140 pounds is my goal, that's still like 75 pounds away so I'm assuming that even by July I'll still be in the process of getting to goal.  My point in blathering about this is that I want to be very careful when I start training so that I don't get sucked into that "I did a 14 mile run today, so I can eat a grocery store" mentality.  It's going to be a delicate balance trying to lose weight while marathon training, because not only are you physically hungry all the time, but mentally you tell yourself that you are working so hard that you can eat half a cake as a reward.  I was so awful about doing that for Portland, and while there is certainly nothing wrong with treats and rewards during training, I don't want to go to that place of overdoing it again.  It's going to be so important to keep tracking my food and keeping on top of it.

This sounds weird, but I'm actually excited at the prospect of training when I'm lighter.  I don't even know what it feels like to run "thin", but even just the little bit I've lost has helped me tremendously on the short little dinky runs I've been doing.  It's like, will a 14 mile training run be more bearable when I'm in the 100's, as opposed to 200's?  I would assume that of course it will be.  


  1. I was severely undertrained for my marathon so props to you for coming up with an awesome training plan! I bet being smaller will help, but so will your new mindset.

    And your description of being scared while driving made me laugh. Love it! I can say that because you are OK!

  2. Yikes! So glad you are ok! Those driving conditions sound very scary!