Sunday, January 25, 2015

Runs For Cookies Virtual 5k - Race Recap

Just wanted to write a quick little recap of my experience running the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5k this morning!  

So it's hella foggy here today.  To steal a line from Mystery Science Theater 3000, there wasn't this much fog in the movie "The Fog".  This picture doesn't do it justice, but this is from the neighborhood where I go run in.  

This is the first time since my Halloween 5k that I've run to race, as opposed to my normal leisurely dick around pace.  My goal was to get a sub 40 5k, because I haven't really been able to hit that in normal runs because I don't push myself very hard.  This was a really tough run, and my lungs felt like they were on fire!  I had a bad run yesterday (heavy lungs and legs), so I was like "eh, not sure how this is going to go" especially once my lungs started burning again.  I honestly didn't have high hopes of hitting my goal, but I was shocked and pleased to see that my first two miles were sub 12s, which, I can't even remember the last time that I got a sub 12 mile!  Watch out Kara Goucher, there's a new bitch in town! 

Those first two miles just about did me in because I normally don't push for speed, and since I got such a good times on the first two miles, I slowed down for the last mile.  I finished strong, but damn it was hard!  I'm sure I was a sight in the neighborhood, a chubby girl with a lobster face, gasping for air.  My official time was 36:52:39, which means I smoked my goal!

In honor of Katie's husband I took a selfie doing my best Jerry face.  

And I also took an arty picture with my Garmin snuggled on top of my New Balance shoes, because y'all know I'm nothing but a classy broad.

If you're a new reader here, welcome!  I'm usually more wordy and detailed in my race recaps, but I'm having to put this recap out in a hurry because I'm about to dash off to a baby shower!


  1. Fantastic job Mary! You kicked your goals butt!

  2. Wow, look at you kicking butt at the 5K! That is awesome!

  3. Congrats on a great race! It was fun doing the race yesterday thinking about all the other racers across the country doing their thing in their own ways :)

  4. Congratulations on finishing the run with a great time !