Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Playing The Lottery

Today I am crossing one of my January goals off the list, I'm going to the dentist!  It's going to hardcore suck I imagine, but that's my fault for waiting so long to go.  Hopefully it doesn't hurt too much.  Next week is the lady doctor, so at least I won't have blown off my goals too badly.

Things have really worked out great all this week with the salads I made on Monday.  I've actually been mixing the tabbouleh salad with scrambled eggs the last 2 days, which is a great context for me because I really love scrambled eggs with a lot of herbs and tomatoes in them.  The quinoa salad works great in wraps for a quick lunch, and I warmed up the lentil salad last night then mixed arugula in so it would get slightly wilted.  Super tasty.  I told Eric, but it's ironic that these salads are the healthiest thing I've eaten in weeks, yet they cause a huge caloric hit lol.  I think because the beans/quinoa are higher in calories, plus there is olive oil in the recipes.  Not really that stressed about it, I'm eating grains/herbs and plant based proteins, not cookies and lard.  A calorie is a calorie, but still.

So in random news I have a huge decision to make tomorrow, and that is whether or not I am going to put my name in the hat for the NYC Marathon.  I know that is probably out of left field because I haven't really talked about it at all, mainly because I was so on the fence that I didn't want to make you guys run screaming with my "I just don't know if I should" waffling.  I entered a sweepstakes last November for an entry and found out late December that I didn't get picked, which was disappointed me but not to the point that I was weeping about it or anything.  Side note:  best conversation ever about it between Eric and I goes something like this.  Him:  "So, what are you going to do if you actually get picked?"  Me:  "I dunno.  Shit my pants and then start training I guess."

The lottery system opens tomorrow, but I'm torn on whether to put my name in.  It means training in the summer again, which y'all know how much I loved that the last time I did it for Portland.  At the same time, I'm almost 30 pounds lighter than when I ran the last one, so I suspect it would be easier.  That could just be the amnesia talking though.  But then I get all romantic about what it would be like to run through New York, like I'm some 14 year old girl with a romance novel.  But then I think about realities such as butt chafing and having to tape my feet up.  But I'm lighter now and it will be easier somewhat.  But the time consuming training in the heat.  But...New York City.  See, this is why I haven't written about it, because that's all my brain has done for the past couple of months.  No one wants to read the hang wringing.  So I'm asking the universe for a sign, and I guess I will take the plunge or not tomorrow.  Considering my poor luck with the normal "I could win millions of dollars and never have to work again" lottery, I don't hold high hopes of getting picked in the NYC Marathon lottery even if I enter.

But even bigger news is that tomorrow the Oscar nominees will be announced!  I'm very excited and look forward to this every year, especially since I will get to start planning my annual Oscar party.  I am hoping that The Theory of Everything and Whiplash get some love!


  1. Oh you are rocking the food this week!

    Ahh how awesome would NYC be to run in! I think you totally should!

    I'm excited about Oscar noms too. We used to go all out and host Oscar parties too but no one wants to stay up late with me on a Sunday night anymore LOL. Back in the day I used to give away great swag too from working at the theater. Posters. Standee's. The whole shabang. I miss those days!

  2. I've bveen going back on forth on putting my name in as well! Such a hard decision :/

  3. Oh man you ladies are bad ass. I was thinking about trying the chicago HALF. A full just seems so out of reach with the crazy training and raising twins and working full time. But, I know you can do it. Good luck!

    And I wish I lived by you. I love Oscar parties, would even stay up late, but no one wants to do that anymore. I end up watching it by myself...well mostly by myself Hubs just complains that he has no idea who any of the actors are and eventually leaves me to it.