Friday, January 9, 2015

Movie Reviews

Last night I took my aunt's advice and iced my back for a bit.  Heat does not feel good at ALL, which tells me this is a joint/bone/ligament thing as opposed to a hurt muscle.  It did make it feel a little better, and I felt somewhat better when I got up this morning.  I still feel "off".  I did a 2 mile walk with Molly and my back feels weird all over again, though maybe not as bad as yesterday.

Today I had a friend email me because she is thinking about running a half marathon and she wanted my advice.  Anytime someone does that, I want to look over my shoulder to see if Kara Goucher or someone with some damn sense is standing behind me, and that's who my friends are actually talking to.  All joking aside, it makes me feel very good and makes all the ways I've struggled over the years all worthwhile.  While I am certainly not someone who is a "serious" runner, I do feel like I've picked up some knowledge from others and by my own trial and error over the years.  I feel like I run in a way that is enjoyable, and that I can give tips on how to make the experience more pleasant.  Anyway, it feels good to be seen as someone who is fit enough or knowledgeable enough to even ask fitness advice from.

Tonight we are seeing one of our last "probably Oscar" movie, Inherent Vice. After that we need to see Selma (even though I'm trying to ignore that Oprah is in it), and I think that will probably be it.  (I refuse to see Into The Woods because Meryl Streep irritates the shit out of me.) My husband and I have the tradition of making sure we power through and watch all of the movies we think will be up for Oscars.  It's our thing and we always get very excited when all the really good movies start coming out in November, and get super excited for all of the awards shows.  This year's movies haven't blown me away like last year's, but there have been a few diamonds in the rough.  Here are some rough little "mini-reviews" of what we've seen lately if anyone is interested:

  • The Theory of Everything - This was the Stephen Hawking movie, and was by far my favorite of everything we've seen.  I sobbed my makeup off by the end of the movie, and had to sit for a minute afterwards to compose myself.  It was really that good.  I unfortunately don't think it will win any big awards, but it's my favorite of the bunch.  Very, very inspiring.
  • Whiplash - Close on the heels of the Stephen Hawking movie, this was my second favorite.  It was super intense but awesome.  Again I don't think it will get the attention it deserves, but it's very powerful.
  • Boyhood - Pretty interesting, though it was a little long and slow for me.  Eric really liked and identified with it more I think.  The fact they filmed it over 12 years with the same actors is pretty mind blowing.  It's worth seeing.
  • Birdman - I'm going to be the lone jerk here and say that I just didn't care for this.  It was weird, the film style was suffocating (camera was just up in everyone's grills).  Michael Keaton is great in it, (I imagine he will win best actor for the Oscar) but I wasn't left with any great revelation or thoughts on it afterwards.  It just seemed weird for the sake of being weird.
  • Wild - I went into this not expecting much and came out really liking it.  Definitely a very empowering movie, especially for women.  There's always a sense of pride when I see things that were filmed in Oregon, because I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful state!
  • Foxcatcher - This was sadly the one we anticipated the most and I liked the least.  Steve Carell gives a great performance, but the movie was bloated in the wrong places (a million long, awkward silence scenes), and didn't give enough detail in others.  I had the creeps and couldn't wait for it to be over by the end, which I guess means Steve Carell was effective!
  • St. Vincent - So I liked St. Vincent, everyone was great in it, but it was pretty predictable.  Totally enjoyable movie though, and worth seeing, just not life changing.
  • Skeleton Twins - This came out earlier in the fall and I highly doubt anyone will give it a second glance for Oscars, but I wanted to plug it anyway.  This had Bill Hader and Kristin Wiig in it, and they play two really screwed up siblings.  Normally I can't stand Kristin Wiig, but she was great, and I just absolutely adore Bill Hader.  He has the chops to do "serious" acting if he wants to.  The movie is super funny and touching, so Netflix it if you can.  There is a Jefferson Starship lip synching scene that made me happy for days after.


  1. Is Skeleton Twins out on netflix already? I'll have to look for it. I need to step up my game and get some movies watched before the Oscars but I did cross 2 off my list this weekend at least.

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I have a hard time seeing Oscar worth films, super dramatic and emotional films can really drain me, but I may see The Theory of Everything. Is Skelton Twins funny? I have pondered watching that one.