Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dude's Clothes For a Lady

I think maybe, possibly my back is healing on its own.  It still feels weird, this kind of burning sensation combined with numbness in my tailbone, but it's definitely less so.  Sitting isn't quite as uncomfortable and I'm not feeling any more pinching.  I guess I will hold off on a chiropractor and hope that I don't have any more flare ups.  I'm hoping I can start adding some more strenuous activity to the mix by mid week this week.  In the spirit of hopefulness, I invested in some 5 lb weights today, and may try to work on some seated weight exercises that may be more gentle on my back.

Yesterday was what one might describe as a cheat day.  We had some friends over to watch the Baltimore/Pats game, and it was a beer and snack-a-thon all afternoon.  I tracked most of it, but I know there was some stuff I missed.  I got a 6 pack of Rainier tall boy cans, drank one and was halfway through the second one when it occurred to me that if I finished it then I would have drunk an entire quart of beer, since Rainier cheerfully informs you each can is a half quart.  Since I'm not trying to recreate the movie Animal House, I just pitched the rest of the beer I was drinking.  I got a 1.5 mile walk in yesterday, but it was practically negated by the nonsense we ate.  It was one of those things where it's fun while it lasts, but I was ready to eat normally and drink water today.

I went grocery shopping today to stock up on some produce type stuff since we were woefully low on fruits and veggies!  I got to Fred Meyer which is kind of one of those all in one stores (clothes, housewares, groceries, etc), and I decided to swing by the sleepwear section to pick up a pair of pajama pants.  Since I've lost weight I had to get rid of most of my lounge stuff because it's too big, which is a good thing, but not when I'm freezing my patootie off in the winter!  I've had to wear shorts and knee socks as pajamas most nights, so I really needed a pair of pants.  Naturally I went to the women's section first, but was getting so irritated as I flipped through the racks.  First of all, it pisses me off that women's clothes are so expensive.  Secondly, everything was hearts and flowers.  Blech.  I'm 35 and I ain't the hearts and flowers kind of girl, so I decided to peruse the men's pajama pants on a whim.  Not only were they cheaper, but I was able to get a sweet pair of Aerosmith pajama pants.  MUCH more my style.  I like that men's pants actually hit me above my hips as opposed to women's pants which barely seem to sit above your pubic bone. Not really sure why things are designed that way, I don't need my everything hanging out!  I had to get men's tech running pants for that very reason, since they actually stay up and don't show crack!

I'm going to test out a couple of new recipes this week, so if they're good, I'll be sure to post them here and talk about them.


  1. Glad your back is feeling better!

    When I run races I always register for the men's shirt. Women's shirts are always too short on me, I like my shirts to actually hit me below the waist. Is that asking too much? And I get you, why is women's clothing more expensive? Because we are suckers? Screw that!

  2. All of my favorite pajama pants are stolen from my Fella. They are so much cozier and comfier than women's pants!