Friday, January 16, 2015

Breakfast with the "Girls"

I think I have finally tired of breakfast burritos.  I was doing a dance in front of the pantry this morning trying to figure out what to eat, because I scrunched my face thinking about making my usual burrito.  Which honestly calling it a burrito is much fancier than what it is, which is usually just eggs with some salsa in a tortilla.  I finally settled on toast with peanut butter and binge watched my morning block of Golden Girls, aka, greatest show ever created.  I have seen every episode about a gazillion times and I still laugh every time.  I feel like I'm mostly Sophia, a bit Dorothy, and just the tiniest bit Blanche.  Every girl should be just a little bit Blanche.

So can we chat Biggest Loser for a second?  I kind of hate watch BL at this point, the show is honestly so bloated and ridiculous, and I really think this season especially is pretty lame.  I think they are stretching the definition of "former athlete" the way Dancing with the Stars stretches the definition of "star".  And can we mainly just talk about Rob?  I don't want to go on full Mary rant, I know he's a real person and maybe he could stumble on this blog someday, but what's up with the crying tantrums every 2 seconds?  I mean, I'm all about expressing your feelings and not keeping stuff bottled up to a certain point, but you can't fully unleash the cray and punch your ticket to Whiny Town (which is most certainly not as glorious as Funky Town) over every minor thing.  Seriously dude, and I say this with kindness, find some meditation classes before you have a stroke if you have that kind of anger going on.  

I think I retweaked my back again yesterday.  SIGH.  I did a Richard video and then sat in a chair to do some arm weight stuff.  I woke up today and my back felt a bit off.  I just highly doubt that a silly Richard video hurt my back at all, I feel like it has to be the weights, which really bums me out.  Much in the way that right as I accepted my curly hair, a sudden hormone change has randomly rendered my hair straight and coarse after 20 something years, I'm injured from weights right as I begin to enjoy them and realize their importance in my routine.  Very frustrating.  I am going to ice my back again today and then try to go for a run tomorrow to see where I am at.  I pretty much have to start back running or at least walking long distances what with this half coming up, not to mention being in shape down the line for Seattle training.  The Shamrock isn't really important to me, if I walked the whole thing I could care less honestly, but I'm still going to have to be in enough shape to walk the 13 miles!  I'd rather be able to run most of it so that I'm not out there for 700 hours.

My aunt told me last night that she and my uncle want to come to Seattle with us when I run the marathon, which really touched me.  They were there with Eric at the end of Portland, and it really meant a lot to me then too.  It occurred to me that this marathon will be a bit different, I certainly won't be seeing anyone on the course I know.  Last time it was so morale boosting to talk to my friend Libbie (who was also running Portland) when I saw her briefly around mile 10, and my friends Dave and Carrie met me 3 miles from the finish line when I was honestly about to have a breakdown from loneliness.  It definitely helped, so I am nervous to not really have that option this time around.  I suppose I will have to strike up conversations with people around me!  Hopefully the spectators are as good in Seattle as they were in Portland, because that's always a nice boost too.


  1. Aww glad your aunt and uncle will go cheer you on! Yikes take care of that back!

    Honestly I haven't watched TBL this season. After last years fiasco with the finale I'm semi-boycotting TBL. Now I do love me some Extreme Weight Loss with Chris Powell and that new show from The Rock. Um, Wake Up Call I think it's called.

    1. I like EWL quite a bit, I wonder when that is coming back on. I am going to take BL off the DVR once this season is over, it's just gotten way too out of control. I can't take the product placement stuff.

  2. Yeah, I'm with you on BL. I really used to enjoy watching it, but it's just too much now. It's all for TV.

    And I'm sure the spectators in Seattle will be great :)

  3. Ok, this will be a bullet point list because I need to organize my thoughts.
    1. One of my most quoted lines comes from Blanche. "Honey, there is a fine line between having a good time and being a wanton slut." You're the best. And glad you caught the Rex Manning quote. Empire Records. My heart beats strong for it, even after all these years.
    2. I don't watch Biggest Loser. I used to years ago and stopped. The first few seasons I felt were "normal" people and it was watchable, like I could get their struggle. Now I usually just watch the finale.
    3. Sorry about your back. Do you have lower weights you can use?
    4. I think it is awesome that you will have support at your marathon. Man, now you're making me think I can do a marathon. Stop that right now! And I think the crowd will be awesome, too.

    1. Oh man, I wish we could go have a beer. Someday. Empire Records is one of my fave movies, I was so in love with Rory Cochrane (Lucas). I have a soft spot for Can't Hardly Wait too.

    2. And um, Rory did not age well. Thanks Google.

  4. I used to love Biggest Loser. I think I've only watched 3 or 4 episodes this season. Just not feeling it.

    Sorry about your back! No fun. =(