Thursday, January 8, 2015


Not much to write about again today.  I decided that if my back is the same tomorrow that I'm going to have to break down and contact the chiropractor that my aunt recommended to me.  I've never been to a chiropractor, so it makes me very nervous!  My back really isn't getting any better at all, and it's very concerning.  I decided to do yoga as my activity this morning, and I had to shut the DVD off 30 minutes into it because it was bothering my back so much.  Yoga has never, ever hurt me in any way, so for it to hurt so much that I had to stop doing it...well, that's worrisome.

To focus on the positive, I have been very proud this week for not giving into feeling stressed out or anxious.  There is a bottle of cold sparkling wine in the fridge that frankly, I really wanted to open last night but didn't.  There have been times this week I've really wanted a dessert, but luckily we don't keep that stuff in the house that much, so I had to revert to having an apple with peanut butter after dinner.  I enjoy it just as much and still feel like I got something "extra".  I've stayed within my calories all week, haven't pigged out.  I've been getting all of my water and eating meals that are timed appropriately so that I'm not starving.  So at least I'm doing all of that right!  I am on day 87 of my MFP tracking streak, which is pretty awesome.  I have never ever in my life consistently tracked my eating habits that long.  And now that's exactly what it is, a habit.  If this back crap is major, then I really will have to make sure my food choices are on point, since I may not be able to get in enough activity to burn like I'm used to burning.

I also took a step towards my doctor goals for the month of January today, I made appointments for both a teeth cleaning and a lady exam.  I'm going to doctors more this month than I have the last 6 months!  The dentist receptionist was teasing me about how long it had been since I was last in.  Apparently it was 2009!  So glad I am going now, that is way too long to not get my teeth cleaned!  Anyway, I will be able to check both of those off of my goal list for January!  I don't know if my vision for fully organizing the green room in January will be fulfilled, although I did make a huge dent in it yesterday.  :)

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  1. Good point about having to keep your eating under control more than ever if you aren't working out! And getting those appointments out of the way is awesome. If it makes you feel better, studies have shown that healthy women who have never had a bad PAP can go five years between exams. We are just all told to go annually because that's what the doctors tell us to do.