Thursday, January 1, 2015

All Is Quiet on New Year's Day...

Happy New Year!  According to my Blogger stats my blog had zero page views today, which must mean y'all are hungover.  ;)

I am so thrilled about this, but I did hit my December step goal of 310,000 steps.  Not only did I hit it, but I went over by over a thousand steps!  The final count was 311,235 steps, so I am pretty proud of that.

We had a really fun night last night, although we ended up not making it for the West coast midnight.  I try to be modest and not pat myself on the back too much about food, but the ceviche I made last night pretty much kicked ass on every level!  It was super refreshing and healthy, and I think it would be perfect for summer when it's hot as all get out here and I don't feel like turning the oven on.  We also split a Dungeness crab, and I even managed to clean the thing and take the back off all on my own.  (Thank you lord for Instructables, because of course I had to consult the internets to figure out how to do it.)  We opened a very special bottle of French champagne that we got the last time we were at Scott Paul.  There are only 90 something bottles in the United States and we had one of them.  It was pretty awesome with the seafood, and also wonderful with the evil cheesy garlic monkey bread that I made.

We made a playlist on Youtube and Chromecasted it, so we had well over 3 hours of good music going, and of course were being stupid and dancing around with our impulse purchase NYE hats.

And Molly of course got to wear a hat, which she was super thrilled about on all levels since not only was I taking her picture (which she hates), but we were laughing at her, which she really hates.

After our music was done we attempted to watch the NYE countdown shows, but they are all so AWFUL.  I mean really truly awful with awful people all the way around.  We did celebrate the Times Square ball drop at 9 pm PST, did a smooch and all that.  But after that I ended up falling asleep on the couch, so we finally gave up the ghost at 10:30 and just went to bed.  I know, we're super exciting.

This morning I got back into my routine (although I was naughty and didn't eat breakfast).  I went for a 2 mile run/walk, then came back and did the rest of my challenge stuff.  Just to refresh you, I'm doing a dumbbell challenge (12 reps of each of the exercises listed here), donkey kicks, plank leg lifts, and the 30 day "easy" squat challenge.

Let me tell you honey, those squats ain't easy!  I am already dreading the 50 on the schedule tomorrow!  But I just keep telling myself that they'll help me be a better runner and to not have a flat ass anymore.  ;)  And I have got to go get a set of 5 pound dumbbells.  For some reason all I have are 2 pounders, which are too light, and 10 pounders, which made me feel like I was going to die!  I got through it, it but it was challenging for sure.  I am excited at the prospect of toning my arms, since they desperately need it!

Today's Activities:

  • 2 mile run/walk (27:02 finish/13:51 avg pace)
  • 1 round dumbbell challenge
  • Donkey kicks (10 each leg)
  • Plank leg lifts (10 each leg)
  • 30 Squats

Today I made a traditional New Year's lunch and my aunt/uncle came over to eat with us.  We had Hoppin' John (a black eyed pea dish), collard greens and cornbread.  I assume everyone knows, but traditionally in the South (and I assume other places), you eat black eyed peas (for luck) and some type of green (for financial wealth) on New Years Day.  It was all pretty tasty, and I will definitely have to keep that Hoppin' John in the rotation.  I made a vanilla custard for dessert since I figured it would be pretty light and modest after the influx of sweets in December.  As I mentioned before, I was bad and didn't eat breakfast this morning.  I guess I didn't feel very hungry, plus I didn't want to go run on a full stomach.  I was definitely hungry for lunch!  Tonight we're having homemade veggie pizza pockets and a nice big salad.  I am mostly excited that I am under my calorie macros for the first time in 2 weeks, AND I tracked everything.  And I'm almost done with my 8 glasses of water!  It definitely feels good to be back to good habits.

Today's Meals:

Breakfast:  Skipped
Lunch:  Hoppin' John, cornbread, rice, collard greens
Dinner:  Veggie pizza pocket, salad with balsamic
Snack:  Vanilla custard


  1. Happy New Year! We had a very low key NYE too but didn't dare try to put any crazy hats on the cats. They would have murdered us in our sleep! :) We did go out to eat but then went home and finished up watching The Blacklist and started Marco Polo on Netflix (but promptly fell asleep).

    1. Well I did an "exciting" NYE last year in Los Angeles, and ended the night taking shots with my brother in law and all this kind of nonsense. It was fun but I've never felt so horrible in my life the next day. We reasoned that we would feel better if we took a walk, so we totally pulled a Forrest Gump and walked 4ish miles to Venice Beach, then were so tired we had to call a cab back. We decided to take a break from "excitement" this year. ;)

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  3. Ha! I made our poor Millie wear a hat too. She really doesn't like having her picture taken either - especially with my cell phone. Your New Years Eve food sounds so good - but my husband would have a stroke if I tried to serve him ceviche and crab :(