Friday, December 19, 2014

The Long December

Sorry that I have slacked on the blogging this week, we've just been super busy and I wasn't exactly setting the world on fire with my eating or exercising.  We've also been dealing with a health issue with Molly.  Long story short, she's had this weird condition since we adopted her and we're not sure what it is.  She has what we call "spells" where she will make up from a dead sleep and be completely frightened and disoriented.  Her pupils are dilated, her muscles get really tense, and she paces the house and touches the walls with her nose as if she's trying to orient herself to where she is.  Sometimes she seems to not know who we are.  She also acts frightened of doing things like jumping up on the couch, going up stairs or stepping down into the backyard as though she has no depth perception.  We've had a million tests run on the dog and no one can really figure it out.  The vet thought she had diagnosed it as a high blood pressure thing, so she is on medication.  It helped initially but she still gets these spells every 4-6 months, has them a few nights (they only happen at night), and then they just as mysteriously stop and she won't have them for another 4 months.  Short of spending thousands of dollars that we don't have doing brain scans/tests, I don't know that we're ever going to know exactly what is going on.  The only thing that helps is to force her to stay on her bed next to one of us on the couch, and hold/pet her until she comes out of it.  Sometimes it's 10 minutes, sometimes it's an hour.  Anyways, that has been going on since my birthday (the last time was in May), so it's stressed me out a bit.  I haven't been sleeping well because I worry that she's having a spell in the middle of the night and is down here alone and scared, so I've been jumping awake at 4:30 come down and check on her.

I'll be honest, I'm kind of ready for December to move along.  I feel terrible even saying it because usually it's my favorite month, but we've been so busy that I'm just kind of ready to slow down.  Every time I turn around there's somewhere we've got to be, usually with a ton of food and alcohol at the destination.  I've gotten to where booze is kind of a burden.  Or as my grandmother would say, "I love it, but it doesn't love me."  Every time I drink lately I sleep terribly, have nightmares, and feel dehydrated and awful the next day.  Even if I make a point to drink enough water before and during, I still wake up with a headache and feel parched.  I think a lot of it is a frequency of which we're drinking.  It's just how December rolls, we start off with Ale Fest, my birthday is in the middle of the month and then we get invited to a million parties and get togethers in between.  When I have a glass of wine or a beer a couple times a month it's not an issue, but this 2-3 times a week business sucks.  I also notice my body looks more puffy.  We are going to a party tonight but I think I'm going to lay off the drinking.

I've been awful about drinking water and have definitely slacked off on my food and exercise.  I've been doing lots of dumb stuff like eating breakfast super late (or not at all), which makes me so hungry for the rest of the day, and then I just eat crap.  And of course I haven't been hitting the exercise very hard, which also somehow makes me hungrier!  Not drinking enough water also really affects my hunger levels.  I've been eating more at a 20/80 healthy/splurge ratio than at an 80/20 the way I should be.  I am still tracking all of my food and am on a 68 day streak, but I'm sure I've missed items this week so I don't know that the tracking has been accurate.

On a positive note, I did get up and at em and do a 4 mile walk today, and I've also figured out a solution on how I can take Molly with me and still get in a longer distance.  I've struggled with this the last few months, because Molly simply can't go longer than 2 miles and she's slow as hell, yet I could (and should) probably walk 10 miles.  I feel guilty if I don't take her with me, plus she's a total brat for the rest of the day if she doesn't get a walk, but she honestly kind of holds me back.  On my birthday I walked with her a mile, put her in the car and ran a mile, then got her out of the car and walked a half mile with her, then put her back in the car and ran my last mile.  It worked out perfectly because that way she got to have a walk and I still got to achieve my goal.  This morning I had to give her this month's dose of heartworm preventative, which always makes her tired and a little "off", but she was still insisting on going with me.  Straight away I could tell she wasn't enjoying the walk at all and wasn't feeling good.  We had done about a mile and a half when she just straight up stopped walking and was looking up at me very pitifully, so I took her back to the car.  I walked another mile loop, and when I passed by the car she looked anxious, so I got her back out.  The 20 minute break seemed to have been what she needed, because she was a lot more energetic, so I took her on another mile loop.  She was definitely pooped after that, so I put her back in the car and did a little more walking until I'd reached 4 miles.  I'm pretty happy that I've found a solution that will allow me to do more distance, or at least until the weather is warmer since I won't want to leave her in the car when it's hot.

I also linked my UP band with MFP last night just to see if it makes a difference in my calorie numbers, and if the steps I'm getting in are the reason I'm losing as much weight as I'm losing per week.  Again, not complaining, I guess I've been reluctant to overestimate how many calories I burn, so it will be interesting to see what happens now that these two devices can "talk" to each other.  MFP says that I've burned 300 calories already today with my steps, so we'll see!

Musical Advent Day 19 - "Little Saint Nick" by The Beach Boys

I know I've skipped a few days on this, but I'm making up for it with one of my top 5 favorite Christmas songs of all time.  I am one of those people who is gaga about The Beach Boys, so I can't get enough of this song.  Speaking of Beach Boys, does anyone remember that episode of Full House that had The Beach Boys on it, and Uncle Jesse sings with them?  Hot.  Anyways.  Here you go.

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  1. Aww poor Molly having to go through that! You guys are so sweet to sit with her and hold her until she sorts herself. Poor baby. I hate to hear that she goes through that. December is tough. I'm with you in that even though I love everything about it, I'm really ready to get back to a "normal" routine and normal food.