Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rock Hall Class of 2015

Guys are you prepared to nerd out with me for a second?  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015 class was announced this morning and I am SO excited!!!  The official class is:

-Green Day
-Bill Withers
-Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
-Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
-The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
-Lou Reed

I am really excited about this class with the exception of Green Day, who honestly shouldn't be anywhere near the word "punk" when you compare them to real punk bands like Black Flag, but I digress.  The big excitement/sigh of relief for me is SRV, who is one of the greatest musicians EVER, and Joan Jett.  A lot of people forget about Joan being in The Runaways, which talk about a pioneering band.  Always amazing to see a female rocker get her due in the boys club.  Bill Withers makes me happy too.  I am not anti-Lou Reed per say (even though I don't get the rabidness about him), but he is already in with Velvet Underground so I kind of feel like he's taking precious ballot space from other people.  Ah well, nothing to be done about it now.  Ringo Starr is also getting in with some other award they are giving out, which makes me so happy!!  I adore Ringo, and it was criminal that one of the Beatles wasn't already in the Rock Hall!  I am glad they are putting the Paul Butterfield Blues Band so that the nomination committee can quit having a huge boner about them and putting them on the ballot EVERY year.

Tomorrow is going to be intense because the tickets for the ceremony go on sale, and I will be in charge of buying them.  Me attempting to buy concert tickets is always...interesting, and usually no one wants to be in a 5 mile radius of me when that's happening.  My anxiety gets to be at an all time high and there are sometimes tears involved, especially when Ticketmaster is thrown in the mix as it will be tomorrow.  Let's all cross our fingers that the fates will be nice to me tomorrow so that I can snag a couple tickets to this thing.

Okay, thank you for indulging me again, although you're going to have yet another post tomorrow about me trying to buy tickets to the ceremony.  ;)

To continue the exciting news for the day, I hopped on the scale this morning and lost 2.6 pounds and was down to 211.6!  Obviously I am happy, but I am trying to figure out what's up.  I think I may be underestimating how many calories I burn.  I actually don't enter my Stomach Formula or any of the plank/wall sit stuff into MFP, but I highly doubt that stuff is causing a ton of calorie burn.  I do take a moderate amount of steps per day, but my Jawbone really overestimates calorie burn, so I don't think that's it.  Clearly something is off because I know I am eating plenty of calories.  I guess I'm not terribly worried about it since I feel good and have plenty of energy, so it's not like I'm undereating and weak, I guess I'm just concerned about losing too much weight too fast.

Today is going to be a bit crazy again, I have a haircut, have to make a couple of casseroles, and then we have to jump on the freeway to go have dinner at a friend's house.  I'm actually going to wrap this up so that I can get to stepping on all the things I need to do!

Musical Advent Day 16 - "Little Drummer Boy" by Joan Jett

In honor of the beautiful and talented Joan Jett finally getting her due and being inducted into the Rock Hall, here's her cover of "Little Drummer Boy".

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  1. Gah you are so right about Green Day. WTH man. I was a little bummed that NIN and The Smiths didnt make the cut but maybe next year.

    Fantastic loss this week! I adore Joan Jett too!