Sunday, December 14, 2014

Over It

I feel so much better mentally this morning, despite getting a horrible night's sleep!  I woke up feeling more like my determined self (or at least the self that's been around since October) and did two very important things.  I weighed myself to see where I was at, and I also decided to just get the f**k over myself.  Wallowing and being sad about looking fat, and then eating or drinking too much to make myself feel "better" is just going to make me lose progress.  It does seem ridiculous to be sad about looking fat and then do something that's going to MAKE me fat instead of going the opposite direction and working on continuing to slim down.  Clearly I have done well with that so far, so I just have to keep doing what I was doing, and eventually I'll look the way I want.  Eating isn't going to make these godforsaken boobs or my stomach go away, but eating right and exercising will.  So I guess that's that.  I may avoid shopping for maybe another 10-15 pounds or so, I honestly feel that's what put me in such a state in the first place.

I was expecting the worst when I stepped on the scale this morning, but I am only up a little bit from where I was last week.  I think it was important to see that I haven't done some sort of long term damage, and to realize that if I just right course ASAP that I will be at my weight from last week or may even be slightly down by Tuesday.  This is probably the quickest I have ever course corrected, it usually takes me months!  I am trying to find these small points of pride where I can

One thing I've continued in all of this mess are my 30 day challenges, so at least I am on track for completing those for December.  I've not done my Stomach Formula stuff since Wednesday, and I am just going to reboot the program tomorrow.  I'm also going to incorporate my aerobics and yoga back into my routine and make that priority.  I am happy to report that my foot is at about 98%, so I am eager to get back to doing the exercises that make me happy, especially since that will help me burn more calories, which means I get to eat more snacks.  ;)  I am going to try to run 3.5 miles on Wednesday, so we'll see how that goes.  It will be the first time I've run since early November.  I'm slightly lighter now and have better leg/core strength, so maybe I won't hate it as much?

We had a really lovely evening yesterday.  My uncle is in a singing group and they performed yesterday at a church, so we went to catch the first performance before going out to dinner.  My aunt of course was there, along with my uncle's parents.  The performances were good, and my uncle even had a solo.  I'm not sure that I'd ever heard him sing a solo, so hearing him was great!  He did a beautiful job.  There was one sort of comedic aspect, this really elderly lady in the back of the church kept talking in between songs when it was super quiet and reverent, and my aunt and I were seriously about to die.  This lady had no filter or volume control, a song would end, there would be a 2 second silence and then you'd hear loud things like "I've had this Norwegian sing stuck in my head all week!" or "I really didn't sleep that well last night."  Whoever was with her kept shushing her, but this lady was not going to be shushed.  It got to where we anticipated her random statements between songs, and my aunt and I would jab each other in the ribs and try our best to not laugh because we are super mature.  It's the type of old lady I want to be, where you can just lay it out there and not give two hoots.  Between the talking memaw and the Christmas music, I felt cheered up by the time we left and headed out to Kachka.

Kachka was lovely yet again and all of the food we had last night was great.  The food there is actually relatively healthy due to all the vegetables, so all of our appetizer type stuff was pretty good for us.  We got boiled eggs stuffed with beets and walnuts (sounds weird but they were good!), peppers stuffed with ground walnuts, the pickled vegetable plate and the pelmeni (dumplings with beef/veal).  We wanted a little more food so we split the chicken kiev.  Not healthy in the least, but it was so tasty!  It came with this really nice buckwheat pilaf type stuff that had hazelnuts in it.  Afterwards we got dessert and I had a Russian black currant tea.  I got the same thing I always get which are the sirniki, a cheese pancake that typically has sour cream and lingonberries on top.  I was slightly disappointed because they swapped the lingonberries for pomegranate seeds, which I don't care for really and they certainly don't taste as good as lingonberries.  The tea was heavenly though!  Kachka is run by a married couple and they are both totally awesome and very involved in everything. When we sat down the husband brought us tiny glasses of Russian champagne and wished me a happy birthday (it's not till Wednesday for the record, but we decided to just do all the main celebrating over the weekend).  Super classy and a nice touch.  Then when they brought me my dessert they had put a little candle on it.  Afterwards the owner guy stopped by the table and told me he was honored to be part of my special day, etc. Of course I'd had a ton of vodka by then so I totally fangirled him and babbled on about how much I loved Kachka!  They are so nice though, seriously.  Ultimately a huge thanks to my hubby for such a nice evening.  :)

Christmas Advent Day 14 - "Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'" by Albert King

Just thought I'd interject some cool into the day with a blues Christmas song.  :)

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  1. Love that you had such a great meal! It sounds great.

    And that is EXACTLY the type of old lady I want to be. I will also wear sequins ALL THE TIME!