Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lazy Sunday

So today has been a lot like this....

At least that picture was taken in the car after we'd finished up a 2 mile walk for Molly and a one mile run for me, but other than that today has been pretty darn lazy.  Eric and I are exhausted after this weekend, there is just a lot going on and everyone wanting to get together with us.  We ended up going to Kachka AGAIN last night with some friends who had never been there and were really wanting to try it.  I certainly will never turn down Kachka!

Today I just haven't felt well, I feel like I have been fighting some kind of weird cold for the last month or something.  Last night I coughed up phlegm that had blood in it (sorry, I know that's gross), but it's the kind of thing that happens when my sinuses are infected.  Then all day today I've been phlegmy.  I'm just so exhausted, but I wanted to get out and do a walk today just so I didn't feel like an absolute loser.  We've been eating so much lately and I haven't "earned" any of that deliciousness with proper workouts.  After I came back home though I collapsed on the couch and have watched football all day, though that hasn't made me feel any better.  The Saints took a total crap, although that's honestly like a mercy killing at this point since I wasn't wanting to watch them blow the playoffs!  As I'm typing this the Bills just lost to the lowly Raiders of all teams, so there go both of my football teams for playoffs.  Blah.

Not really much else to report, other than next week is going to be a bit busy with Christmas insanity.  I am going to have to really hustle to hit my step goal for December, so I'm going to really hop to it tomorrow and Tuesday, since Wednesday/Thursday will be questionable as far as me getting steps in with all the Christmas hoo ha going on.  I've pretty much crapped out on the 30 day challenge stuff this week, but I am just going to pick up on it tomorrow and finish the month out strong.

Christmas Advent Day 21 - "Blue Christmas" by Tom Keifer

Another metal version of a classic, courtesy of the lead singer of Cinderella.  ;)


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  1. Awww hope you can shake off whatever this illness is. Poor Molly looks tuckered out!