Monday, December 1, 2014

December Challenges

So over the Thanksgiving weekend I was thinking how perfect it was that today is December 1st, which means it's a great time to start fresh on a 30 day challenge.  Because I am generally clueless in life unless it involves random movie trivia or where the closest bars to my house are, I had never heard of the website until I started reading Meg's blog and saw she was doing the plank and pushup challenges.  I've been perusing the site over the weekend to decide what appeals, and I settled on a few of the challenges.

Here's why they will be an extra challenge for me....I am a cardio girl.  Always have been.  I do not like strength training in any way and although I build muscle pretty easily, I avoid doing strength exercises like the plague.  If you gave me the choice between a 10 mile hike or doing 5 pushups, I'd immediately pick the hike.  Having said all of that, I know that strength training is something I need to start doing in order to achieve my long term goals.  Doing the Stomach Formula for 28 days and watching my progression in core strength (not to mention that I lost inches much faster than I have in the past) was sort of the gateway drug to thinking that I need to continue incorporating body weight exercises into my routine.  I want to be stronger, I want to have muscle definition, and I want to be smaller.  I really enjoy my walks and my dates with Richard, but those things aren't going to help me accomplish that.  Part of me wants to try lifting, but for several reasons I think trying these 30 day challenges are a better option for me right now.  I hate gyms and the thought of having to learn lifting around a bunch of dudes who grunt and throw weights around dramatically just doesn't appeal.  These challenges are free and aren't difficult exercises from the technique sense, so it's what I'm rolling with.  This list is what I came up with for December goals, and while it's going to be tough, I'm going to give it my all (30 Day challenges have links, if you want to check them out).

Goals for December:

So fun fact, I was going to do the pushup challenge, but I cannot do a single pushup.  Like, zero, goose egg, nada, zilch.  It's comical because I can do planks and can kind of do chaturangas in yoga, but pushups evade me.  I tried to do the first day's challenge and I can't push myself back up once I get down, and it is a sad thing to behold.  I could technically do them against the wall, but that feels kind of lame, so I decided to do wall sits as the third challenge instead.  I am going to revisit the pushup challenge in January since I would hope I'd have more upper body strength by then if the planks and burpees do their job.  And yes, I made fun of burpees yesterday, but it's really more of the whole "I have to post my WOD on my normal FB and talk about them all the time" thing that gets me.  I'm sure you can tell I have some overenthusiastic Crossfitters in my FB friends list, and God love 'em but...anyway.  Today was my first time ever doing a burpee in my life, and wowza.  My arms and legs were definitely shaking when I was done!  I mixed up how many seconds I was supposed to do the wall sit for today, and did 20 seconds instead of 10!  I didn't BS it either, I was squatted down pretty far.  My plank felt pretty easy too, but you know, it was only 20 seconds and I am used to doing them in yoga, so I'll be impressed with myself a little more when the challenge days are longer.

Today's Activities:

  • 3 mile walk with Molly
  • 20 second wall sit
  • 5 burpees
  • 20 second plank
  • Stomach Formula Day 1
Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  Scambled eggs in a spinach tortilla
Lunch:  Protein smoothie with mixed berries/cranberries
Dinner:  Turkey and Dumplings
Snack:  Sargento colby cheese stick, Dr. Kracker flatbread

Lastly, I thought it would be fun to do a musical version of an "advent" calendar and to post a favorite Christmas song every day to get us all in the mood.  I love Christmas music and can barely contain myself from listening to it all year round!  I thought I'd kick off things with a bang Day 1 with one of my guiltiest pleasures, the Jani Lane version of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas".  Yes, Jani Lane of Warrant.  I absolutely love this song, and even though Warrant was a can of Planters cheese balls, Jani Lane had a really lovely voice.  So unfortunate that he couldn't get his demons under control.  Anyway, I won't lie, I love the rocking version of this song.  Happy December everyone!


  1. Oh man, I hate burpees. Good for you, love those challenges. Isn't that website just the best?Make sure you take before and after pictures. I am bummed I didn't do that so I don't really see any difference.

    1. They suck donkey balls. I have 15 to do today and it's like um, really?

    2. Oh and I did have Eric take pics of my "guns" such as they are. They're more like old timey muskets right now, so we'll see. ;)

  2. Girl you are a challenge doing machine! Go you!