Monday, December 22, 2014

Bye Bye Blackbird

I don't mean to start this post off on a bummer note, but I wanted to mention how sad I am at the passing of Joe Cocker today.  You guys know how nerdy I get about music, and I would just be remiss to not mention him.  I have a thing for really raspy, gravelly voices (Tom Waits, Screaming Jay Hawkins, etc), and Joe's voice was one of my absolute favorites.  I am probably one of the biggest Beatles fans alive, but I'm going to throw this out there...Joe's cover of "With A Little Help From My Friends" is better than the original Beatles song.  It just is.  Music makes the world a better place, but today the world is slightly darker from losing this great man.  It just really freaking sucks, cancer is a stupid asshole that always has to take down good folks.  Anyway, rest in peace Joe.  Heaven's choir is getting one heck of a member today.

Today was a little bit better and I was a bit more at myself.  Molly and I did our new little routine, which was a mile walk with her, then her getting to chill outin the car while I was running a mile, then a repeat.  I totally wish I'd started doing this sooner, although I honestly wasn't feeling running there for a bit.  I've enjoyed it a bit more since my birthday run last week and feel like I'm in so much better shape than I've ever been.  I am probably 20 to 25 pounds lighter than I was when I did my marathon,  plus I have more leg/core strength from doing strength training, so running feels so much different!   Today was the first time in a very long time that I was able to get into a rhythm, and my splits were almost dead even (they were both 12:17-ish), and my breathing felt great.  It gives me a little more confidence going into training for the Shamrock Run Half next month, and I'm excited at the prospect of getting lighter and seeing what that does for my running.

Food was better today, although my sweet, wonderful mother-in-law sent a box of her homemade candy that she sends us every Christmas, and I am just dying to get into it!  I technically have the calories for it, but I was trying to stay away from it tonight.  Luckily she didn't send a ton of it, because her two tone fudge is the best and I would totally destroy the entire batch if I could!  I wasn't very hungry this morning and just ate one of our Harry & David pears for breakfast.  Once I got home  from my walk/run I made myself a turkey wrap with arugula and tomatoes, then an apple with peanut butter.  Dinner was barbecued pork chops, roasted broccoli and roasted potatoes. All pretty healthy stuff, so I may sneak a square of that fudge anyway.  ;)

It's been interesting since I linked my UP band with my MFP account, although it's just one more thing that UP can bitch at me about.  Now it gives each of my meals a "score", which is kind of annoying so I mostly ignore it.  It does add extra calories that I can eat to my macros, especially if I get 10,000 or more steps, but I still try to stay within 1,400 calories a day if I can.

That's really about all I had for now.  I would have posted a Christmas song  tonight, but I wanted to post one of my favorite Joe Cocker songs instead.  Hope everyone enjoys.

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