Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stomach Formula Day 7 + My Doctor Trip

First things first, let's get all of the boring doctor crap out of the way!  I am VERY happy to report that my blood pressure was 124/68!  In June it was pretty dire, we're talking 180s/90s, so this is a major improvement.  It's good to know the meds are working and that my heart isn't going to explode lol.  I was a bit disappointed and irritated in the doctor (as I am most doctors).  I discussed my intense brine/salt craving with him and asked if it could be related to water consumption or something else.  He totally dismissed me and said it was "psychological".  It's like well, I didn't have the urge to drink an entire glass of pickle juice and eat up to 10 slices of those sandwich pickles in a sitting before, but okay.  I also discussed with him my distressing lack of being able to be "regular", and he just didn't seem to be bothered or care.  He basically told me to take Colace and that was it.  I mean really?  There just has to be a better resolution than that you know?  I guess I will keep experimenting with various things to see what works.

On to better stuff!

Well, I have officially completed the first week of Richard Simmons Stomach Formula, which makes this the first time in my life I've ever cared enough to focus on my abs and stick with an ab workout like this.  I am pretty proud of that!  I took pictures on Day 1 and then again today, and I can definitely see a difference in how my stomach looks.  It's really more so from the front than the side, but even from the side there is a difference.  Maybe someday if I actually HAVE rock hard abs and the thought of posting pictures of my bare belly on the internet doesn't make me want to pull out smelling salts and take a shot of tequila, I will post my progress pictures.  ;)

The program is technically supposed to last 21 days (another 2 weeks), but I want to carry it to 28 straight days.  After that, I would likely incorporate it into the workout routine every other day at the least.  Having the videos be only 7 minutes long and available on YouTube is actually pretty awesome, because it literally means I can do it ANYWHERE, even if I was traveling somewhere.  It makes it a lot easier to stick with it.  I found that if you can stick it out to Day 3 that it starts getting slightly easier.  I'm curious to see if I will see a difference in doing the workouts all over again this week, theoretically it should be even easier.

The time change is still affecting my eating.  I had breakfast at around 7:15, and I was absolutely starving for lunch by 10:15 even though I did actually have a little snack.  I went ahead and gave in instead of waiting, because once I get in that mode, I'd better eat or the rest of the day is going to be "what food can I wolf down next".  I still ended up in a bit of a spiral and ate more snacks than I should have without parsing them out evenly.  :(  Tomorrow I'm going to really try to make a better point of having a bigger breakfast and then a small snack before lunch.  I really hope that my body clock can even out.

Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  Special K with almond milk + one cup raspberries
Lunch:  Tortilla wrap with ham, arugula, guac and carrots + cup of sliced cucumbers
Dinner:  Pasta with tomato and mushroom sauce
Snack 1:  Corn muffin and a clementine
Snack 2:  Chips and salsa
Snack 3:  Rice crackers and hummus
Activities:  RSSTTO and RSSF Day 7

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  1. I was starting to tell you to try eating a bigger breakfast, then I read the last sentence. hope that works for you.

    And nice work on the abs workout! Glad you can see an improvement!