Sunday, November 23, 2014

Repenting ;)

Yesterday was just about what I expected.  I sadly didn't get up in time to squeeze in a quick workout, and I am even more bummed out that I totally forgot to do my Stomach Formula yesterday!  I don't even know what happened with that, usually I am very good about remembering to squeeze it in!  I guess that breaks my streak, which makes me so mad at myself.  :(  Today I did Day 25 and 26 right after one another to make up for forgetting, and so that I will be on schedule tomorrow.  Let me tell you, that was fun times, doing two of those stomach workouts in a row!  Tuesday is technically the 28 days that I said I was going to do the Stomach Formula, but I am extending my time with the program yet again and taking it to 63 days/9 weeks.  Those uneven numbers kind of make me crazy, but that would take me to the end of December.  I have really improved with my ability to do the exercises in the videos but I still have to take mini breaks or substitute some of the moves. I feel like I might as well continue on until I can comfortably do the routines.

We did have a ton of fun yesterday, got to hang out with people we hadn't seen in awhile, and of course drank and bought a ton of wonderful wine.  I kept up my food tracking streak, although tracking everything I did yesterday and watching the numbers tally up was a kick in the gut!  ;)  I am so glad that I moved my weigh in days to Tuesdays since I don't think I'd be very happy with what the scale shows tomorrow.  It's not that I feel bad about having a day where there's a lot of indulgence, but I do know the line between "that was a fun break with yummy stuff, back on track tomorrow", and "FML, it's not even enjoyable and I will pay for this tomorrow".  I tipped over that line, mainly with the wine.   Due to a misunderstanding at one winery they poured us a larger flight than we wanted (and of COURSE we had to drink those wines!), and then we stopped in at a third winery that we hadn't originally intended on just to see one of my friends.  Since I am technically "industry" and the girl who works there is my friend, they poured us a special  holy shit amount of wines.  I really could have done myself a favor and done a lot of spitting yesterday so that I could taste the wines without having to actually consume them.  I certainly wasn't going to do that with the first winery that was doing special food and wine pairings, nor would I have done that with the gorgeous champagnes we tasted yesterday, but for the extra wines/wines at the third winery I could have.  I just felt gross and bloated by the time I got home, slept like crap and felt off all day today.

For breakfast I repented from my wine sins with a smoothie, and then I ate a weird mishmash of things for lunch.  For dinner I threw together a veggie soup in the crockpot and am looking forward to that.  

I really do have to make sure I eat at a deficit and get tons of exercise in for the next few days.  Our planned Thanksgiving meal is pretty tame all things told, but I'm sure we'll be doing stuff while Eric is off work, so I may not be able to do my normal routine with as much exercise as I normally squeeze in.  My goal is to either maintain whatever the scale says Tuesday over the Thanksgiving holiday, or to heaven forbid, lose a tiny bit.  If I play my cards right, I think I could lose.


Stomach Formula Day 25 & 26
40 minute walk

Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  Berry Protein Smoothie w/ spinach
Lunch:  Dr. Kracker flatbread, pimento cheese, boiled shrimp
Dinner:  Veggie Soup w/ egg noodles

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  1. I have the same plan for this week. I want to make it without gaining any weight. Good luck with that!

    And it sounds like you had a wonderful wine filled time! Those are the best!