Thursday, November 13, 2014

Positive Thoughts for Richard!

So I just posted in Facebook about this, but I have been freaking out about Richard Simmons all day after reading an article on my fave celeb gossip site Dlisted.  I guess he has become kind of a shut in due to depression over a knee he needs surgery on, isn't teaching classes anymore, etc.  It seriously made me so sad and bummed out.  The poor guy has dedicated his whole life to helping others, including my lazy ass, so I hope Richard is able to get the help and support he needs for whatever is going on.  The world would be super sad and a lot less sparkly without him.  It's so weird because I talked to my mom today before I read this article, and we talked about Richard for awhile.  She was lamenting that she didn't have her VHS tapes of Sweating to the Oldies anymore, so I went online and ordered her two of the STTO DVDs.  Then I read this article and it gave me a case of the sads for the rest of the day.  I am "friends" with him on Twitter, and he did tweet a couple of tweets (or whoever is running the account for him) about all the love and support he's received from fans today.

Today wasn't a great day for me really for exercise or food.  I got thrown out of my routine and got all flummoxed about it, so I wasn't able to do as much exercise as I wanted.  It really bummed me out and got me agitated because I am very scatterbrained and it's hard for me to get into a routine, so when I finally get into one I get almost Rain Man about it.  If anything disturbs my plans it makes me crazy.  I ended up eating a rushed and terrible lunch from a nutritional standpoint, not drinking enough water, and not committing to doing my Zumba.  (By the way Meg, yes the little instructor guy is very cute and tiny!  He flies around that dance studio!  I love how he explains stuff).  I am disappointed in myself for doing that, we had pizza tonight so I really needed to get that extra activity.  I ate up ALL of my exercise calories from yesterday and went over, and really didn't want to do that again today!  I'm going to have another disappointing day Monday if I keep all that up.  I guess tomorrow is another day and all of that.  I did do my ab workout today.  I seriously almost blew it off, but then was like, OMG I can't let Richard down lol.  I know that's stupid, but at least it made me do it.  I am actually pretty pleased with how much easier the workouts are getting.  I definitely feel stronger in my core, just to end on a positive note.

Today's Activities:

Richard Simmons STTO
Stomach Formula Day 16

Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  Pineapple and blueberry protein smoothie
Lunch:  2 pickles, tortilla chips and hummus (yeah, soooo healthy)
Dinner:  Homemade veggie pizza + sparkling wine


  1. Yea, hoping he is getting help right now through this difficult time. Good job on getting it done though!

  2. Oh man, I had no idea about Richard! That's terrible. I hope he has a lot of love and support to get through this!

    Still into your super salty thing, huh? That's so odd. I would WebMD it but then it'll probably say you have the plague.