Friday, November 21, 2014

Oh Yes They Call Her The Streak...

Anyone else remember that Ray Stevens ditty?  Anyone?  Nope, just this Southerner?  Okay...anyways.  Unlike the song, I am not talking about running around in the buff, but about my 40 day tracking streak on My Fitness Pal as of today.  I am pretty proud of that, I think that's the longest I have ever consistently tracked at a time.  I've also been very honest in my tracking and made sure to count everything, even high calorie days where I went over.  It's all really kept me in check

Yesterday honestly wasn't "bad", I just ate back all of my exercise calories which is something I'm trying to do as little as possible.  Eating back some of them is fine, just not all of them.  One of my dear friends is about to have a baby (like, any minute now about to have a baby) so we went out with her and her husband last night.  I was VERY proud of myself about dinner.  We went to this pub called the Thirsty Lion, and their burgers are pretty great, but it just wasn't worth it when I looked at the macros.  I went instead with a spicy tuna roll, which you wouldn't think would be great at a pub, but it was super tasty.  I also shared some ceviche with Eric.  Even though that came with chips, it was a fraction of the damage that a burger/fries would have been and I was just as happy.  I had planned on one glass of wine, but had a second one.  That was my bad and I totally didn't need it.  I still would have been under goal, but we went and had frozen yogurt at my favorite place.  The yogurt itself isn't so bad, but the place we go to is a magical land of toppings, and I revert to a 6 year old kid who is like "I want this, and this, and THIS".   Once that was said and done and I calculated all the toppings + yogurt, I broke even for yesterday.  Ah well.

Today hasn't probably been a shining moment for me though.  Again, nothing really awful, but I ended up not doing any activity other than my Stomach Formula stuff, and I really should have because we're going to have a busy weekend where I will be less active.  Honestly, I just got caught up in doing stuff around the house and lost track of time.  Then I realized I had to go pick up medication for Molly at Costco, yada yada, suddenly it was 5 pm.  I didn't plan out my eating really and ate lunch too late, so I didn't eat nutrient dense stuff and was hungry all day.  Ate way too much at dinner.  All things where I should know better, but honestly it was kind of nice to have a rest day even though I didn't rest at all!

Tomorrow is going to be iffy, we have to go pick up a cheesecake from my friend that we preordered for Thanksgiving and we're leaving out early so I may not be able to squeeze in an activity beforehand.  We are friends with the owners at Republic of Jam, and if you are ever in Oregon you've got to stop in and see them!  They do unique jam flavors and cocktail syrups, are super awesome women and very talented.  Anyway, Lynnette had preorders for goat cheese cheesecakes, so we got a chocolate one for Thanksgiving.  Our planned TG meal is actually pretty healthy, so this will be the big indulgence!  Anyway, Republic of Jam is out in wine country, so we're stopping in at Soter Vineyards because they are having a member party, AND stopping in at another winery called Scott Paul since they are doing champagne tastings.  Like for realz from France champagne.  Oh and we're having breakfast with Lynnette and her wife Amy at a cafe beforehand.  All I can do is make the best choices I can tomorrow and see where the chips fall.

Today's Activities:

Stomach Formula Day 24

Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  Avocado, toast, 2 clementines
Lunch:  Dr Kracker flatbreads, Laughing Cow Cheese, tablespoon of pimento cheese
Dinner:  Boiled Shrimp + Caesar salad (yes with croutons and cheese and the fatty dressing)
Snack:  Cliff Bar


  1. Life isn't all about food! I know it can be hard, especially when tracking (which by the way, 40 days is awesome!! I've been having a really hard time tracking lately) to not focus on what you're eating. But life is about experiences and it's totally ok to indulge and just enjoy the moment. And the chocolate goat cheesecake. I'm drooling over here. For realz. - Not that I'm sure you don't know all this, but just don't be too hard on yourself.

  2. Wow, that cheesecake sounds yummy!

    Hey sometimes we can't squeeze in activity when we want. And that's ok!