Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mellow Sunday

Short post since we've had a fairly quiet day.  We did get up and do a "family walk" this morning for about 50 minutes and did a little over 2 miles.  I think we've done a really good job this weekend with getting up and being active, and for taking advantage of the small amounts of time with no rain!  I hit over 14,000 steps yesterday and have almost hit my 10,000 minimum for today, so I am pretty pleased by that.

I did my day 5 of Richard's Stomach Formula.  I hesitate to say it's getting easier, because it is NOT easy!  It is getting more "doable" I guess, and I don't feel wrecked afterwards for an hour.  I do think my core is already a bit stronger, so I'm eager to take pictures/measurements after day 7.  (Those pictures will not see the light of day on this blog!)  I will admit, the videos being only 7 minutes each has been a huge incentive to keep going even though they are really hard.  I mean, EVERYONE has 7 minutes to spare a day.  Having a different workout every day is also helpful, it keeps things fresh.  That Richard knows a thing or two!

I made a really yummy lunch today that I was really happy with.  I made a wing sauce with Frank's hot sauce, butter and a little garlic powder, then tossed it with shredded rotisserie chicken breast and made some really awesome wraps.  The wraps had all the "wing" fixings:  blue cheese, celery, and carrot.  I absolutely love wings, but this was a slightly healthier compromise for a nice afternoon of football.  Frank's is the best too, you can't use anything else!

Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs with herbs/mushrooms and 2 slices turkey bacon
Lunch:  Buffalo Chicken Wraps, chips and guacamole
Dinner:  Salmon with roasted Brussels sprouts and roasted carrots.
Activities:  50 minute walk and RSSF Day 5


  1. Are you from Michigan? I find the Frank's preference to sometimes be a Michigan thing. I know I love me some Franks!

    Nice job getting moving all weekend!

    1. I am actually from Louisiana, but my husband is from the Buffalo, NY area, so that's how I got introduced to Frank's. I had been a Tabasco girl all my life, but Frank's is totally different. Oh man, the food back's so good and so horrible for you!