Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'll Follow The Sun

You know that phrase "colder than a well digger's ass"?  Yeah, that's Oregon right now.  It's not as bad as say the Midwest, but boy it's freaking cold.  I took Molly for a walk and it was 31 degrees with insane wind gusts ranging from 40 to 48 MPH.  I did my best to keep us in the sun since the shade was just awful.  We were bundled up like crazy ladies and our walk was still pretty miserable, but we toughed it out for 35 minutes!  They're talking about snow tomorrow.  I can't believe just like 2 months ago I was having panic attacks and deep depression over the heat.  I will gladly take this over that!

Today's post is going to be quick since I've got some stuff to do around the house and we're going out tonight for a late birthday dinner for my aunt.  We're going to this great Mexican place in Portland and I wanted to make sure I had calories to spare for that today, so that's why my activity list is going to look like overkill.  It's really not by the time I get a margarita and some nibbles of deliciousness tonight.  I gave that Zumba video I did on Youtube yesterday another chance, and I actually was able to pick up more of the routines and get a better sweat in, so I think I'll continue to put it in the routine now and again.  My new Richard DVD should be here today or tomorrow, and I will be glad of it, the first one is getting a little stale.

Today's Activities:

35 minute walk with Molly
Richard Simmons STTO
Stomach Formula Day 15

I am so excited about dinner tonight!  The food at Nuestra Cocina isn't the typical Tex Mex food, I think it's closer to traditional Mexican, so it's a smidge healthier.  Lots of grilled things and unique flavors:   Those grilled prawns are calling my name for sure.  Otherwise, I've kept my food pretty light today so that I can enjoy tonight.

Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  Breakfast burrito (eggs and turkey sausage)
Lunch:  Chocolate cherry protein smoothie
Dinner.  Unknown


  1. Serious serious kudos for braving that weather! Brrrr!

  2. Awesome job getting out in the cold. I'm trying to find my inner cold weather runner. She's around here somewhere!