Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bring Back Thanksgiving!

So, I'm going to do something that I very rarely do here, and that's rant about a personal opinion on something not related to fitness.  I don't bring politics or anything like that here because it's not appropriate,  and this isn't really related to that anyways, but I may offend someone.  Hopefully I don't.  Having said that disclaimer...what the frick happened to Thanksgiving?  Truly, honestly, what happened?

It all started quite simply, I wanted a freaking wreath for my front door.  I'm getting old and like to do things like decorate the front of my house, so I wanted a Thanksgiving wreath.  I want to acknowledge the changing of the holiday, the awesomeness of what Thanksgiving means, and enjoy it before acknowledging and appreciating Christmas.  We do a big hoopty do for Halloween and Christmas, and I have one small little sign that says "Happy Harvest", but no Thanksgiving stuff.  (More on the word harvest in a minute).  I figured I could get a Thanksgiving/fallish wreath, maybe a silly turkey decoration, something to liven up the street I live on since NO ONE decorates for anything here.  It started at Fred Meyer and the day after Halloween.  I went and looked for Thanksgiving decorations.  They did not exist.  Like, at all.  I scrunched my face and went to the Dollar Tree, figuring there would be some stuff there.  Nope.  Today I went to Joann's Crafts, knowing that of COURSE they would have Thanksgiving stuff, or worst case have some stuff where I could DIY decorations.  There was one pitiful shelf of "harvest" decorations on clearance.  Not a single turkey, fall leaf, cornucopia, pilgrim, anything.  Nothing.

I searched the store thinking I could get the stuff to make a wreath, but no.  No acorns, no fall ribbon, no fake leaves, no Indian corn.  Nothing.  The one thing all of these stores have in common?  10-20 rows of Christmas decorations.  I finally picked up this lame scarecrow door hanger thing for the front door and checked out.  I have officially turned into my dad, who never hesitates to let his voice be heard, and asked the girl checking me out, "When DOES your Thanksgiving stuff go on sale?  I am really surprised that there's barely anything here."  The reply?  "Yeah it's Christmas now, so if you want Thanksgiving stuff, you need to come in during July."

I am truly appalled, sad and angry about it.  First of all, no, it is not Christmas, and no, I am not coming in during JULY to buy stuff for Thanksgiving.  I JUST pulled in my soggy skeleton ghouls from our yard and threw away our pumpkins from Halloween.  It is November 5th.  It is the quiet period before the ramp up to Thanksgiving.  You know, the time where you gather with family and friends, enjoy each other's company (hopefully), acknowledge your gratitude and blessings, eat a good meal and watch football.  Now it's just a big retail boner over Black Friday, except now Thanksgiving Day is fair game too for shopping deals.  Yes, we can't let store employees have one lousy freaking day to eat with their families, we must get a bunch of crap we don't need on sale and trample each other.

The other thing I've noticed?  When you do find Thanksgiving related stuff, it doesn't say "Thanksgiving" or anything about being thankful anymore.  It's all "Happy Harvest", "Harvest Blessings", etc.  Is there some ban on the word Thanksgiving now?  Are we not allowed to say "Be Thankful?"  I guess you can't really encourage people to be thankful for what they have, while getting them frothing at the mouth over sales that are so great they have to leave the dinner table on Thanksgiving to go buy stuff.  There doesn't seem to be a profit in being thankful sadly.

At the end of the day, this isn't ultimately that I couldn't buy a wreath, it's just more that the general society's priorities got shoved in my face.  I don't like being rushed, I don't like chaos, and I sure as hell am not going to be rushed and frantic over the holidays.  I love this time of year, I really do.  Nothing makes me more excited than the first chill of fall, then decorating for Halloween and handing out candy to the kids.  Then comes Thanksgiving, which I really love and always have.  I love stopping for that moment and reflecting on the year and saying, "yeah, I've honestly got it pretty good."  Then and only then, is Christmas a thought in my mind.  I love celebrating each season as it comes, enjoying each one for its unique meanings.  I'm just sad that more people can't ascribe to that.  I literally wanted to chastise the people in the Christmas aisles and tell them that they are the ones creating this problem and falling for a bunch of corporate sales tactics.  I know that is judgmental, but it's how I felt in the moment.  I mean do we really think we won't be able to buy Christmas decorations between now and Christmas?

Sorry to have gone on about that, but I really needed to get it off my chest.  Hopefully I didn't piss anyone off!!


  1. You are spot on. I've noticed that about Thanksgiving too. Are we that P.C. to not be able to say Happy Thanksgiving?! Sheesh. I have a fall colored/themed wreath that I've been using for Halloween/Thanksgiving. It has fall leaves and apples on it so it kinda sorta works for both.

  2. It's funny, I talked to my parents today and my mom said that there is a ton of stuff for Thanksgiving in the craft stores down there, so I'm thinking a lot of this is a regional thing. There's a lot to make a scrunch face over in the South, but I do feel like we've got the market cornered on taking our time, enjoying stuff as it comes and making everything a to do and a party. I guess I know for next year, and I can get my butt online and order some stuff. I have the feeling my mom is going to send me a box of crap though, she won't be able to stop herself lol.

  3. Preach it sister!!! The holidays are no longer about family. They are strictly about mass consumerism and the more, more, more attitude. I don't know about where you live, but if you frequent any craft fairs, you will find what you need. And there is always pinterest if you want to make them yourself. At least we still have the Thanksgiving day parade to watch on tv when it airs.

    1. I'm up in Oregon, which I totally love Oregon and not that it matters, but even though my views lean left, Oregon is the land of hypersensitivity and PC-ness. I think that's a lot of the issue with not being able to find stuff. My suspicions got confirmed online yesterday, the word "harvest" is being used because apparently "Thanksgiving" is insensitive to Native Americans. I just don't even know what to say. I'm part Native American and very pro NA rights, but even that is too much for me.