Tuesday, November 25, 2014

28 Days Later: Stomach Formula

Today's weigh in brought me a lot of joy, because even though I only lost 0.6 pounds this week, I am now at the lowest weight that I was two years ago.  It only took me two years, but I am back on the wagon.  ;)  Hell now that I'm thinking about it, maybe it was more like two and a half years ago.  The thing that kind of kicked off my journey in earnest was the PINK Method by Cynthia Pasquella.  Judging by the stats on the blog, I know a lot of people are curious about and searching for information on PINK, Cynthia and the Hungry Hottie cookbook.  I don't have anything bad to say about Cynthia or her programs really, except that in the long run they just weren't going to work for me.  I did learn some things, got into some better habits and still have a handful of friends that I met while doing PINK!  At the end of the day, it is just way too restrictive of a lifestyle, and I am so much happier just following a mindlessly simple "eat less move more"mentality.  Not only am I happier, but it's actually working.  I lost another 2 inches as well this week:  half from my bust, half from my waist and an inch from my hips!

Today also marked 28 days on the Stomach Formula, and old Richard still beats me up!  I am shocked at how much stronger I've gotten on 80% of the moves, I don't know that I've ever had this much core strength.  I did have a kind of "womp womp" moment when I took my stomach pictures today.  I swear my stomach looks bigger than last week.  Obviously it is not since I am down an inch and a half in that general area, but the pictures are seriously messing with my mind.  I decided that I'm going to drop back to taking status pictures once a month.  For one it's going to be easier, and two, it's just difficult for me to see a difference in the pictures week to week, which leads to a lot of self doubt.  I can see a clear difference in the picture I took today vs the one 28 days ago, so I think it would be healthier to just limit the picture taking to once a month.

So I don't know if anyone else watches CBS News, I certainly do in the morning for the Charlie Rose hotness, (while simultaneously wanting to slap the snot out of Gayle King).  Anyway, they had an interesting story about the FDA enforcing calorie counts nationwide at chain restaurants.  You can read the article here.

So of course there are the naysayers who think this is government over reach (YAWN) or that it's useless since people who are determined to eat certain foods are going to eat them anyway.  However, as someone who counts calories I think this is awesome.  We don't go to that many chains, but it makes my life about a billion times easier when stats are posted.  And there have been many times where seeing calorie or fat counts on a food has been enough to make me go, "ooooh, maybe not tonight."  I have faith that there will be many people who do the same.  Overall, transparency is always valuable and powerful, even if the consumer doesn't use the information.  For every person who doesn't use the information, there will be 10 people who will.  Anyway, just thought it was interesting!

Today's Activities:

Stomach Formula Day 28
Richard Simmons STTO 3

Today's Menu: (don't be hatin' on my lunch)

Breakfast:  Breakfast burrito (scrambled eggs/salsa)
Lunch:  Dr. Kracker flatbread, pimento cheese, pickle
Dinner:  Tabbouli salad, hummus, pita
Snack:  Apple with PB and chocolate chips

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  1. I honestly don't understand why it would UPSET people so much. I would love to have easier access to calorie information. Funny thing, mostly because sometimes I think things are way higher in calories so I avoid them and then I realize, in researching the calories that it's not all that bad. Plus, I know lots of peopel who think salad=healthy and they don't realize that with all the extras like meat and cheese and dressing a lot of times they would've been better off getting a burger.

    Congrats on losing those inches!