Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Who Gave Me Lead Shoes Suddenly?

The human body just sucks sometimes.

I had a 3 mile run on the schedule, with my long run (5 miles) on Friday, but I decided to swap it out and do my long run today.  My race is Saturday, so I didn't want to have my legs be too tired.  Even though I had a great night's sleep last night, I felt really tired and drained when I woke up today.  I figured I'd shake it off by getting out there and getting active, but when I started my run, it was like I was running through hot tar.  My legs felt so heavy and achy, and I just simply couldn't get into it.  I thought maybe it was just the "first mile" blues and that I would find my groove, but a mile and a half in it was clear that it was going to be misery the entire time.  It didn't help that it was storming, so I was absolutely soaking wet.

I finally told myself that it was okay to walk as long as I did the whole 5 miles.  I really didn't have an excuse since I had driven all the way out there, I was already soaked and I didn't have Molly holding me back.  So I managed to get it done, but I was so disappointed in the difference of how I felt today vs Monday.  I really hope that Saturday goes well, crappy days like this always shake my confidence for race day!

Another body resentment I have going on today is frustration over my lack of "regularness".  (You may politely scroll to the next paragraph  if you'd rather not read about poop!)  But seriously, it's so frustrating especially since it's been an issue for the last few years.  It's extremely uncomfortable and makes me feel heavy and gross.  Ironically it gets worse when I start eating healthier and eat more fiber, which it's like, how the hell does that even work?  I get about 30 grams of fiber a day very consistently, but maybe I need more?  Obviously there are teas and other methods to help things along, but I really need and want a more consistent natural solution.  I got some oat bran at the store today, and I am going to have that as my snack tonight (exciting!), along with a cup of hot milk with figs and a date to see if it helps things.  One would certainly hope so since it's 13 grams of fiber right before bed!  

Just a note on the menu below, if you like tuna you really should check out the link to the recipe I made for lunch.  It takes a lot of get me excited about canned tuna, but I was really into this wrap.  I didn't have spicy greens so I just used lettuce, and also used carrot matchsticks, bell pepper strips and avocado.  I didn't make rice with it because I figure the wrap itself is plenty of carbs as it is!  Really awesome lunch!  I also still cannot roll a burrito, my poor husband had to roll his own this morning since mine was such a disaster!

Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  Chocolate Cherry Smoothie
Lunch:  Spicy Tuna Wrap (HIGHLY recommend, though I omitted the rice. Recipe here.)
Dinner:  Leftover Stuffed Cabbage
Snack 1:  Apple with cheddar cheese
Snack 2:  Oat Bran (I'm officially old)
Snack 3:  Warm spiced almond milk with figs/date

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  1. I hate that heavy leg feeling. Did you drink enough water the day before perhaps?

    Going to check out that tuna recipe.