Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Recap

Last night with my aunt was super fun, we had a good time catching up and watching South Park and Bridesmaids.  I did end up eating a little more than I'd planned, but everything I made was fairly healthy so I am not terribly worried about it.  I made tortilla rollups (one with turkey and one with smoked salmon), salad, my fav potato salad recipe from Runner's World, pickled beets and also had a few crackers with pimento cheese.  Where I went astray was having a couple extra rollups (the turkey ones ended up being the bomb!) and an extra spoonful of potato salad.  I had one extra glass of champagne, but it was actual champagne from France and it was wonderful, so no regrets.  The real indulgence was the cake I picked up from New Seasons, which was called a "Salty Dog" cake.  I'm familiar with the Salty Dog cocktail, but wasn't sure what the cake was all about.  It was really awesome!  It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, a sprinkle of sea salt, and also had some butterscotch pieces on it.

I did wake up feeling a bit sluggish from having so much food and sugar.   Today was technically a "rest" day, but I put on Redzone to watch all the football games and tried to busy myself with cleaning so that I could get some activity in.  I started wearing my Jawbone band again so I am trying to be more conscious about my steps per day.  Once I saw I wasn't getting as many steps as I'd like, even with walking around cleaning, I decided to take Molly for a walk.  It was a huge mistake because I forgot about the farmer's market that is there on Sundays, and there were a ton of people around.  Normally it is very quiet around there, but it was a madhouse.  It was starting to get frustrating trying to find a quiet place to walk Molly, plus she was really starting to piss me off.  She goes insane if she thinks you're going to leave the house without her, but when you get her out to actually walk her, she's over it in 10 minutes.  She does all of these bullshit stalling tactics and it just makes it very difficult to walk her sometimes.  It was also 75 and blazingly sunny, because the f'ing sun is never going to go away, so she was getting overheated.  We did a little over a mile, but it was beginning to be so frustrating trying to drag her and also navigate around people that I decided to just call it good.  I was super annoyed, but then I got home and saw the Seahawks lost, so it made me feel a little bit better.  ;)  My Saints lost, so we won't talk about that, but at least the Bills won!

My food has been wack and not very nutritious probably today.  I ate 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast and had a spoonful of potato salad because I am weird.  For lunch I had a couple of leftover rollups, but they gave me heartburn.  :(  Tonight for dinner I am making grilled chicken and we're having more potato salad with it.  I know, I'm obsessed.  I'm also lazy because I didn't feel like running to the store, and I had the stuff to make more potato salad so that's the main reason we're having it.

I am pretty happy with myself for this week, I feel like I've stayed pretty steady with both my food and the exercise.  I have tracked my food and exercise every day.  I feel so much lighter and have more energy.  I am hoping that tomorrow when I do my three miles that I will be able to run more of them.  My feet and legs feel a lot better, so I think I will be able to.  I am NOT bringing Molly with me, so that should make things easier.  She can stay at home and rest since apparently she's exhausted.  ;)

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  1. Sorry about the tough walk with Molly! But glad you got something in and that your feet and legs are feeling much better! That turkey wrap sounds delish!