Monday, October 6, 2014

Running Musings

So in my quest to try to get posts out for people to actually read, I had a huge post written up about wine tasting tips, but decided to scrap it for now.  Not that it's not useful, but it just seemed kind of frivolous to post at the moment.  Since it's written up already I will try to post it at a later date!

I suppose the bigger thing I should be posting about is running, being that's what my blog is supposed to be about and all.  Forgive me for the roughness of this post, I'm just trying to get it out and try to get in the habit of posting again, and I'm also battling a cold and insomnia!  I am still in deep hand wringing angst about what to do on running a full marathon.  I am not opposed so much to doing a full again, however, I just need a certain set of circumstances to align mostly with location.  I would prefer to do a cold weather marathon, but Oregon doesn't really have any options until May, which can be a roll of the dice for around here.  It could be pouring down rain or it could be 90 degrees.  With my luck it will be 90.  I am not opposed to a destination marathon especially if we can roll it into vacation or visiting family, but again, I want to make sure it's in a cooler place during a cool time of year.  We are talking about going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony again in Cleveland, and my original thought was that I could do the Cleveland marathon.  However it's May 17th, and the induction ceremony is usually at the beginning of April.  The Buffalo marathon (near my hubby's hometown) is also at the end of May, and I suspect it will start getting hot around that time too.  Anything in Louisiana (where I'm from) is going to be hotter than balls starting pretty much in February.  I know I am sounding neurotic about the weather, but it has been a hellacious year here with the weather so I am traumatized, coupled with the fact that I have not forgotten the misery of training in the heat.  I simply can't go there again mentally.  It just makes an already difficult thing very miserable.

I am honestly a bit surprised that Oregon doesn't have any marathon options from January to May.  I know rain isn't ideal, but I mean, really?  I'd much rather run in that than the heat!

There is a super long shot that I hesitate to even mention, but I actually put my name in the lottery for the NYC marathon next year.  I know, I was questioning "WTF" at myself as I was doing it last night.  And I wasn't even drinking when I filled out the lottery form! (I did have a fever of 100).  I don't know, it just seemed like a "why not" dream to throw into a hat.  I guess we'll see, I think they draw for this particular thing I entered in December.  They only pick 60 people, so I can't imagine that I would get picked but I guess you never know.  The only thing I have ever won were front row tickets to Michael Bolton when I was 14, so that should tell you about my odds.

The one official thing I did sign up for was the Shamrock Run here in Portland.  I was inspired to do it because Katie from Runs For Cookies is going to be here, and being a total fan girl, I honestly would like to meet her.  I saw that this is the first year they are doing a half marathon, so I decided to sign up for the half.  It's definitely ambitious, but it's a good goal to work towards.  I also hear they will have a special medal just for the half, and you know I can't resist a good medal.  ;)

The rest of this week is going to consist of putting together a training plan that I can live with, as well as getting my act together about my nutrition and figuring out what's going to best serve me going forward.  I again will try to write more, and to write better posts going forward!  Definitely should not be doing this when I'm tired.


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  1. Sounds like a good plan! Oh that would be so awesome if you could meet Katie!!!