Friday, October 24, 2014

Rest Day

I am going to keep this short because there is nothing that exciting to write about.  I took another semi-rest day today because I am feeling very off.  I just feel incredibly drained and tired again, even though I got another good night's sleep.  I can't determine if I'm getting sick or if I am maybe not getting enough calories.  Right now I am operating on a 1200 calories a day goal, and I do make the effort to try to eat back some of my exercise burned calories so that I net anywhere from 1,200-1,600 a day, depending on how much activity I've done.  I don't want to make assumptions, I'm certainly not hungry during the day and I'm pretty satisfied after every meal, so I don't want to up my calories for the sake of upping them.  I'm not even doing enough exercise to justify that right now, if I really am regularly able to run then I will probably up things to 1500 calories.  For now, I'm just going to pray that I'm not getting sick and try to go about my life!

I did Yin yoga this morning, and I swear it should be prescribed by doctors.  It feels so good that it should be illegal, and I'm definitely going to try to squeeze it in again before we leave for my 5k.  The yoga I did yesterday was okay and stretched me out, but nothing gets into my joints like Yin does.  I did a bad thing yesterday and didn't drink enough water after rolling my muscles and doing yoga, so I woke up with a headache and very sore today.  I didn't make the same mistake today!  I grabbed one of my canning jars that holds 64 ounces of liquid and filled it up with water.  My goal is to drink two of those by the end of the day today.  I already drank one jar and am working on my second.

Tomorrow is going to be a bit crazy so I will probably take a break from posting.  I have my 5k, then we are going to see a movie, then going to do karaoke.  Whew!

Today's menu:

Breakfast:  Croissant from La Provence.  It's my favorite bakery ever.  Every bite was amazing.
Lunch:  Turkey wrap with lettuce, hummus, peppers and carrots
Dinner:  Spaghetti with turkey meatballs

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