Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rehab Day

Today was what I call "rehab day".  (I was going to post a picture of Amy Winehouse, but then I was like, is that insensitive?)  After yesterday's body weirdness it's clear that I really needed to take the time today to focus almost completely on yoga and working out the knots in my legs/back with both my foam roller and the Stick.  I have been truly awful this week about not doing my yoga, and it's really showing.  Weird pains in my back, my feet starting to bark at me, random pains in my calves, the works.  It's one of those things that I could just slap myself silly for getting complacent over, because I know better.  

I started out with the Flexibility disc on my Ultimate Yogi pack.  I have not delved into that DVD set nearly enough, and holy lord.  To me it was more of a flow/strength type thing than it was about flexibility, but it still felt pretty good.  I did have to take a couple of breaks due to some of the stuff being kind of intense.  My back felt pretty tender by the end due to some really deep spinal twists, but that's good.  My favorite yoga teacher from days of yore used to tell us that doing twists was like wringing out a dirty sponge.  It squeezes out old blood/spinal fluid and gets the fresh stuff circulating.

And do you know that my blasted Jawbone band had the nerve to buzz at me when I was in corpse pose at the end of the session, as in "you are idle so I'm going to buzz" buzzing.  It's like for the love of Pete, I was just doing a bajillion sun salutations and all of this, can we calm it down a little bit?  I got almost 14,000 steps yesterday so I'm sure it will be all over me about not getting as many today.

After that Molly was giving me some awfully pitiful looks, so I decided to break down and take her for an easy walk after yoga.  She gets really ill behaved and bajiggity when she doesn't get her walks, but it was hard core raining yesterday and she would have hated it.  Today was a day where the weather was going to hold off raining or at least not as be intense, so it was a good time to dash out for a walk.  I am worried that my Garmin is about to bite it, because when we got out to our walking place and I went to turn it on but it was totally dead despite my charging it 2 days ago.  Usually it can go over a week without being charged!  I decided to not worry about it and to just focus on having a relaxing walk with Molly and enjoying the scenery.

This tree looked like it was on fire!

These leaves almost looked like they were dipped in blood. Spooky Halloween fun!

"Mom can we go now?"
Yes, but not until we take a picture of this big ass acorn...
...and take a foot selfie in the fall leaves.
The aftermath of a leisurely 45 minute stroll.  The struggle is real...

After we got back I took the Stick and rolled my legs out really well.  I was going to do another session of yoga, but decided to save it for tomorrow.  I think if I do some Yin yoga and do another leg roll out tomorrow that I'll be good for Saturday.  Tonight I have to go pick up my packet for the race Saturday, although I'm a bit annoyed that they aren't starting packet pickup until 4 pm.  Total pain in the butt, but at least it will save us time on Saturday.

Due to some changes in plans, I pretty much scrapped everything I had on the menu for today and winged it, although I feel like I did pretty well.  And true confession here, I threw some unnecessary shade at oat bran yesterday as an "old people" food.  I'd honestly never had it because it did seem like it would be pretty blah, but I had my bowl last night and absolutely loved it.  It kind of reminds me of grits, and the flavor is really nice.  It also helped my situation, if you get my drift.  I liked it so much that I had it again for breakfast today!

Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  Oat Bran with a "sidecar" of orange raspberry smoothie (no protein powder)
Lunch:  Scrambled eggs with a green salad
Dinner:  Turkey wrap with vegetables, avocado and hummus


  1. I've often wanted to do yoga, I thought it would help the aches and pains after running and cross training but I just can't find anything I like. I really want to like yoga but I just don't :( maybe one day that will change. I used to hate broccoli but now I dont so you never know.....

    1. It really depends on the style of yoga for me. I HATE doing flows, like, more than anything. My favorite studio class I've ever taken focused more on doing individual poses and perfecting them week to week. Over a period of time, it was crazy to see how far you could come on certain poses. Yin yoga is my jam now, you hold poses (typically floor ones) for 3-5 minutes each. It ends up really getting into your connective tissue and fascia and stretching out the body. Anytime I make time to do it before a race or a training session, there is a noticeable difference in my recovery.