Friday, October 10, 2014

I Hate Shopping :(

As you can imagine from my title, I went shopping for some new workout clothes today.  While I haven't gained a bajillion pounds, I have definitely gained some weight back and some of my lovely muscle has turned to flab.  The running pants that I ran my marathon and most of my other races in still basically fit, but chub rub got the best of the thigh area because I wore them so relentlessly, so there are holes in them.  My other running pants were fine for when I was leaner, but if I try to wear those things next week it's going to be a trip straight to Camel Toe Junction.  No one wants to see that.

I hate clothes shopping more than anything, but I didn't really have a choice.  I needed wick away pants that fit.  Once you go dry fit, you can't go back man.

I started out at Ross because as one of my relatives once said, "I'm so cheap I squeeze a nickle until the buffalo craps".  I'm totally like that about clothes, mainly because I've never exactly had this glamorous body to dress up, so I don't like spending money on clothes.  But you know, decency laws require I be clothed.  Ross was a total bust, which surprised me.  I found one long sleeved tech shirt that will work once I lose about 5 pounds.  I definitely needed a couple of long sleeved shirts!  I found some Calvin Klein workout pants, but when I put them on the material was totally see through!!  It's like, who the hell designs workout pants that you can see your skin through??  Since Ross sucked I had to do something I don't normally like doing.  I had to go to Old Navy.

So Old Navy...I like their clothes, and I typically can find a decent amount of stuff there.  But I am an old woman and I am just about crazy by the time I get out of there due to the music they play.  As if you couldn't tell, but I'm a rock/metal girl, and being subjected to some D list techno girl pop music is torture!  It's just loud and annoying!  I will say though, they were having sales on their workout clothes, so I was able to pick up a couple pairs of compression pants and a bunch of workout tops that are light, roomy and don't show every lump, bump and roll on my body.

Shopping always makes me feel awful about myself.  I was berating myself for getting out of shape and not being able to fit into the sizes I was able to fit into 7 months ago.  I know I'm taking steps to do something about it, but it's still frustrating.  My chest is the main cause of my woes, it makes shopping for shirts a horrible experience.  If I had the money for a reduction I would go tonight to get one, because it physically hurts and is just all around annoying.  I walked out of Old Navy feeling a bit deflated, but hopefully I will fit back into some of my old running gear soon.

On a happier note, I finally think summer has left Oregon, and THANK GOD is what I say to that.  One thing that's awesome is that Eric and I have been able to resume our nightly tea time ritual this last week since it's actually cool enough outside to enjoy it!  I forgot how much I liked tea and didn't realize how much I missed having a cup (or 3) of tea at night.  I really dig this online tea place I found called Tea Guys:

Since Teavana got bought out by Starbucks and Starbucks generally ruins everything, I'm not really interested in supporting them.  I know a lot of people cream themselves about David's Tea, but I find that their stuff has a really weird chemical/artificial taste to it that is off putting.  The Tea Guys are super awesome and I've been pretty happy with everything I've gotten from them, so check them out if you get a chance.

Tomorrow we are going wine tasting at this fancy winery called Soter.  I've been there before, but Eric hasn't, so I want him to experience it.  I'll have to post some pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Girl, you crack me up!! You are so frieking funny. And, don't worry about your size. You are doing steps to do something about it. As Katie from "run's for cookies" said once, embrace the size you are now and buy clothes that fit." Just enjoy the process and continue to make us readers laugh. We appreciate it. That bit about the nickel had me burst out loud.