Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Crazy Tuesday!

I am going to keep this super brief since I don't have a ton to write about.  Today has been pretty busy and I've been running around a lot.  The workouts have been short but I got them in.  I ran a mile, then walked for another 15 minutes, then came home to do some stuff.  Later on I dusted off old Richard and did the 45 minutes of that.  It was all just enough to compensate for the calories I ate.

Just thinking ahead, I thought it would be fun to do a "Favorites on Friday" post every Friday of things that I love that I feel contribute to my day to day success.  I'll start doing that this Friday, so keep a lookout!

My food has been weird today, I have had a mega salt craving that I've been battling and losing the battle I might add.  Well I guess I should be more specific and it's been more a craving for fermented foods.  Sauerkraut, pickles, olives, capers...get all of em in my mouth.  I got this really yummy sauerkraut from Trader Joe's that I probably shouldn't buy again because I cannot stay out of it!  I know it makes me weird, but I could eat sauerkraut until I have canker sores, that's how much I love it.  This kraut especially was good.  From a calorie standpoint it's not so bad to have pickles or kraut, but there's too much sodium and I shouldn't be having so much of it.  Ah well

Today's Menu:

Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs with salsa and a banana
Lunch:  Pork loin with leftover squash salad and a whole wheat roll
Dinner:  Black bean burgers (modified from recipe here) with roasted potatoes
Extras:  Crapload of kraut and pickles

I know that Pioneer Woman has both rabid supporters and rabid detractors, I tend to fall somewhere in the middle.  Her recipes really do lean towards the utterly unhealthy, although that's kind of what makes them good for the most part.  Some of them are a bit outrageous, and she relies way too much on red meat.  I mean I know she's a cattle rancher's wife, but damn.  This recipe was actually pretty on the up and up, though I did swap out half of the bread crumbs for oat bran just to add a little more fiber.  They are pretty tasty and held together really well, which is not my typical experience with making veggie burgers.  I made two patties for our dinner and froze the other two.  It was a high calorie dinner, I guess I could have not had the bun.  At least the beans have tons of fiber, and hopefully that will help a sister out.

I will close by embarrassing my aunt and wishing her a very happy birthday here on the world wide web!  My aunt is a super awesome woman, my best friend and I am so lucky that we live so close to one another.  Happy birthday Bitsy, love you!!


  1. Great job! And happy bday to your Aunt!

  2. I love saurkraut and pickles! So yummy and you are right, yet so full of sodium. I try to balance them out by drinking a lot of water.

    I think if that was a high calorie dinner at least it was better calories than say a Big Mac and fries so nice work!