Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Flowers

As most of you know, I am a cold weather girl, but even I miss the sun and appreciate a beautiful spring day.  We were so lucky all weekend because it was beautiful!  It was in the 60s and sunny, which is just about perfect for me.  On Friday I bought some beet plants, even though I swore to myself I wasn't going to fool with vegetables this year.  I couldn't help it though, I walked past them on my way into New Seasons and the golden beet plants in particular just looked so pretty, and I am one of those weirdos who actually likes beets so into my cart they went!  I figured that beets are pretty low maintenance, which is the garden I'm going for this year, so I bought a flat of them to flush out the rest of what's supposed to be an herb bed.  I have thyme, rosemary, parsley, sage, curry and oregano in there, so I figured there's not much else I need really.

Yesterday was a big day because we participated in a photo shoot for the Oregon Humane Society.  They are doing a coffee table book with families and their rescued pets, so we signed ourselves and Molly up for it.  It was kind of a hoot, we went to a professional studio to have the pictures taken, and had to get all dressed up.  I haven't done that type of thing since "back in the day" when my family would toddle off to Sears to get pictures taken.  Molly did pretty well considering she is an absolute mule about everything.  She was spazzed out when we first got going, and when she gets in that mode she goes completely deaf, but once she calmed down she was a little more cooperative.  I think the photographer got some good shots of her, but of course she is beautiful, so that's not difficult to do!  Hopefully Eric and I look decent in them, it would be nice to have a professional picture of our "family", and of course we want to look good for the book too!

Today we did some grocery shopping and I also got some more plants for my garden.  I usually do a big vegetable garden every year, but this year I am scaling back and creating a more permanent setup.  I just feel like every year it's a lot of work, I don't have the room to do what I really want to do, and we end up being on a trip right as something needs to be harvested.  I already have my blueberries and apples permanently planted and surrounded with lavender plants, but I had some planters to fill up.  I bought lots of different flowers in different colors, so that's what I worked on planting today.

It's probably not as impressive because 1) the sun isn't hitting everything and 2) you had no idea what my yard looked like before.  It just used to look very cluttered because I had all of these different plants in pots strung all over the yard.  I permanently planted some things in the ground like the blueberries in those boxes (there are also apple trees to the left that aren't in the pic) and got rid of a lot of the pots so that I could make the yard more tidy and zen.  I focused on getting flowers that were colorful and would also be attractive to bees and the hummingbirds.  All in all, I've really tried to cultivate a yard that will be a sanctuary for the birds, squirrels and bees...and maybe also for any humans who want to sit back there with a glass of wine.

I already forgot what this is.  Ranunculus?  It was so pretty that I had to get it though.  I've been very into yellow flowers for the backyard, probably because I subconsciously am missing the sun.

I lost another couple of pounds this week, which I was surprised and happy with.  I am still diligent with the tracking, but was definitely a little more snacky over the weekend.  Not horribly so, I went over my calories Friday and yesterday only by 100 or so, but it's not a habit I want to be in all the time.  I am pretty proud of myself for keeping up with the tracking, even when I know it's going to put me over my macros.  I know I need to throw exercise back into the mix at some point, though I have to admit that I've enjoyed just focusing on the food part for now.  Since I'm dropping weight I'm not overly worried about having to jam some sort of workout regime in just yet, if I was to be perfectly honest.

I did want to leave you with a picture of my smoothie from yesterday, which had a zillion different ingredients from beet to kale to berries to matcha tea...but my hands were freezing from holding the glass, so I improvised with one of Eric's Labat's koozies.

Nothing adds class to your smoothie like a beer can holder.  Nothing.

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