Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let It Snow

So we had an unseasonable little surprise this week when we got a snowstorm that dumped 7 inches (at least in my town) of snow all over the place!  Despite what some may think, snow isn't really that common in Portland, and it certainly doesn't come this late or heavy.  Usually our "snow" is a few piddling flakes that melt within 30 minutes, and the big storms only come every 5 years or so.  We were due for one, but I was still surprised when the weather forecasters were right and it actually did start snowing on Thursday like they said it would.

I am pretty neutral on snow, some people really despise it and some just about burst themselves from happiness when we get snow like this.  I lie somewhere in the middle of the two camps.  When I am at home watching the snow fall, or taking a walk around the neighborhood where it's quiet, I absolutely love it.  Yesterday Eric was taking a nap and I was listening to some vinyls, making bread and drinking wine while watching the snow fall, and it was one of the most peaceful moments I've had in such a long time.  However, if I'm out trying to drive, then I get more irritable than usual at both the state of Oregon and other human beings.  Oregon owns very few plows, and those they do own don't touch the city of Portland, and they sure as heck don't come down to where I'm at.  Oregon also does not put salt down on the roads because we love the environment and may kill a spotted owl or something if we salted the roads.  I normally am very pro-environment and touchy feely about that kind of stuff, however, that goes away pretty quickly when you have a situation where it is impossible or downright deadly to leave your house because the roads are so clogged with snow.  It's insane, you can't tell where the lanes are, the sidewalks are, anything.  To top it off, no one around here can drive when it snows, and they completely panic.  They either go too fast, tailgate, text and drive, or all the above.  I had to drive yesterday and can't tell you how stressful it was.  Not only did I almost slide into a light pole when going down a hill, I had to deal with idiots who were tail gating me and driving like nuts.  I was so happy to get home so that I could enjoy the snow from the comfort of my home and away from morons!!

Today we were a little stir crazy because we have been cooped up in the house, and since both of us are off, we're used to going out every day and doing a walk or something active.  We were starting to run out of groceries, so we decided to walk to the grocery store since it would be safer than driving.  Talk about a workout!!  It was a 2.5 mile walk round trip, plus we were trudging through snow, and then carrying heavy groceries on the way back.  I am glad we did it though, since I got a good sweat in, and it was kind of fun to walk through all the craziness.  I have taken tons of pictures throughout the storm, so I thought I'd post a few.

A very crazy, cold couple...

Serene street...
You're never too old for snow angels!

So the funniest aspect of this snow storm has been Molly's reaction.  The last snow storm like this we had was in 2009, which was the year she was born so I am pretty certain she has never seen snow.  When the storm went down on Thursday and we first let her out into the yard to go potty, she was totally startled and not happy.  We have kept trying to get her to play in it, but she wants absolutely no part of it, and has been completely peeved that this white stuff is ruining her normal walks.  For the record, we'd be more than happy to take her for her normal daily walk, but after a lap in the snow, she is pulling my arm out of the socket to come back in.  Finally today she lightened up a little and started playing, just in time for the snow to melt tomorrow.  I wanted to capture her emotional journey from hating snow to making peace with it, and that's what I'll leave you with...

Day 1:  "WHAT is this shit?!"
Day 2:  "Whatever.  I'd sooner pee myself than get up from under this blanket to go into that snowy yard."

Day 3:  "Hmm.  I'm still not sure, but the snow is KINDA neat."
"Maybe I'll run just a little to see what the fuss is about."
"Holy crap, this IS fun!!!"

"Death to snowballs!!!"

"The final verdict?  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"


  1. Oh my goodness that looks so lovely! Molly looks like she is having a blast!