Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 Races

Last night when Eric got the mail there was magically a Race Center magazine in there, which contains a listing of all the races/triathalons in the Pacific Northwest.  I never signed up to get it and not sure how it got sent out, but I made a huge mistake of sitting down and reading it while on my 2nd glass of wine last night.  I ended up signing up for two half marathons and highlighted several other races that I will probably call an audible on at the last minute!  Since I am not sure what our lives and travel are going to hold this year, I don't want to commit to too many races, although there are a couple I am itching to sign up for.  Here are the races I'm signed up for so far this year:
  • The Heart Breaker Half (February 16th)
  • Hippie Chick Half (May 10)
  • The Helvetia Half (June 7)
And I am so crazy about certain's totally bugging me that I have a half marathon I completed in January, and one I'm doing in February, May and June, but no half marathons in March and April.  There literally wasn't a local one for me to do, and the races that are local are 10ks!  It would just be cool to be able to do a half each month of the first half of the year, or at least in my mind it would be.  And of course, to feed my ego and receive medals to add to my growing collection would be a's becoming kind of a problem.  ;)

It's funny how things change.  When I first started running years ago, I was strictly a 5k girl, with the occasional 10k thrown in.  I thought that half marathons and especially full marathons were an exercise in insanity, but doing both distances last year took the mystery and fear out of the equation and made half marathons seem much more doable in my mind.  (I still want to shoot myself in the face at the thought of doing another full marathon).  As I was signing up for those races last night I signed up for the half marathon distance without hesitation or consideration of the shorter distances.  I guess my confidence is growing!

I definitely want to try doing one of them in 3 hours (or God forbid maybe even a sub-three, but that is ambitious).  I suspect that the Hippie Chick is probably my best shot since the weather won't be ungodly hot like it typically is at the Helvetia.  The Helvetia is typically my cutoff for doing races until September or October because I simply CANNOT with the heat.

That's all the news that's fit to print for now!