Sunday, November 3, 2013


Just thought I'd write a quick post because...well, because I can!  This weekend has been totally awesome, totally relaxing (other than our typical Sunday of yelling at the Bills for their ridiculous mistakes), and it's nice to have the time to sit down and write!

I am really happy with how this week has gone foodwise.  It's one of those things where I didn't realize how crappy and sluggish I felt until I got back into eating healthy again.  My energy is through the roof and I'm in a way better mood.  It's one of those things where I kick myself for not getting back on track sooner.  Regardless, I've done well from a calorie standpoint (other than Halloween candy, which was a one time blip).  The only macros I've really been going over are carbs and fiber, and that's because I've been eating so many fruits and veggies this week that it's been putting me over.  Since I think freaking out about carbs in fruits or vegetables is utter insanity, I don't stress myself about it. If I was going over my carb macros because I was eating bread by the shovelful, I might be a little more mindful, but I'm definitely not going to freak about veggies or fruit!  If I'm hungry and a banana or a big salad is going to help tide me over until my next meal, I'm eating the banana or the salad.

Speaking of salad, and as a PSA to continue trying foods you think you don't like, I suddenly randomly started liking something that I've always hated.  Pepperoncini peppers.  It started with making a crockpot recipe for drip beef sandwiches last week from the Pioneer Woman blog (side note:  totally obsessed with her recipes) that required pepperoncinis.  I was skeptical about it due to my hatred of them, but decided to do what the recipe said.  I ate them on my sandwich and ended up really liking it.  Last night I made a simple salad topped with black olives and tomatoes, and decided to throw a couple of pepperoncinis in seeing that I had the giant Costco sized jar of them.  I couldn't believe how delicious and enjoyable the salad was!  I made another big salad to have with lunch today and chopped some more up to put in there.  I guess my point is, if you think you hate something and haven't eaten it in several years, try it again.  I've done that so many times, and have been won over as an adult by foods I hated as a child.

I have been checking out the scale this week and I think tomorrow's weigh in is going to be good, and it's going to put me close back to where I was from a weight standpoint.  Unfortunately my body shape is still "fluffy" from muscle loss, so I think it's still going to be another couple of weeks before I fit comfortably into my trimmer pants.  I'm not terribly worried about it, my workouts are going to start back tomorrow and I'll gain some of that muscle tone back in no time.

I sat down last night and planned out what I want to do from a fitness standpoint, and I am happy to be getting back into it.  My body literally has been hurting from not moving around, especially my back, so I'm beyond ready.  I am going to do the full 108 days of the Ultimate Yogi program, which I am pretty excited about.  I am going to try to do it in the mornings (especially now that Daylight Savings is in my favor and I'm going to feel more rested for awhile), but will do it at night if I don't feel like it in the morning.  I'm also going to be doing shorter runs 3 days a week and one long run on the weekends.  I am not going to plan which days all of that happens, since I want this to be low pressure, I'm just going to get the runs in on the days it's convenient.  I might try to do a full 13 miles the next weekend because we're having a late combo birthday dinner for my aunt and Eric next Saturday at Trader Vic's.  I am super excited about it, ESPECIALLY their mai tais.  I want to make sure I can justify having 2 cocktails with my yummy dinner.  ;)

Well, I guess I will update you guys tomorrow with my weigh in and how my first workouts went!

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