Friday, November 1, 2013

No Obligations November!

I cannot BELIEVE it's November.  It seems like yesterday it was June or something, and now all of a sudden the trees are half bare, the fall rains are about to set in, and we are gathering up all the candy that the kids didn't take at Halloween and pawning it off on coworkers!

I am personally very excited that November is here, because a few months ago Eric and I designated this month as "No Obligations November".  We have both had a super crazy year with a lot of stressful situations and running around.  There has been a ton of business travel, and of course my marathon training that consumed every weekend.  We've barely had a chance to just relax at home on a given weekend or enjoy ourselves, so we declared that we were going to have a WHOLE MONTH to ourselves.  No social obligations, no travel and no activities other than whatever we want to do, whenever we want to do it!  We are already set to do absolutely nothing other than hang out at home this weekend, and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

This week has been going really well as far as my goals are concerned.  I have been really on track with eating (other than some indulging with Halloween candy yesterday),  and I honestly feel so fantastic.  I have a lot of energy and just feel less gross than I did, and I am definitely ready to add yoga and running back into the mix (especially since I will get to add more snacks into my day!).  I have definitely been going full throttle with the fruits and veggies this week and have been going over my fiber macro every single day.  And I am addicted after a mere few days to my morning cherry/pineapple/kefir smoothie concoction.  So good, except that I kind of want to throw some rum in, even though that would probably be frowned upon at work!

I've also done pretty good with tracking my food.  It's definitely a reality check and makes me so much more thoughtful about what I eat, and also makes me choose more healthy options, since you can obviously eat a lot more healthy stuff than you can junk!  I hate having to track my food, but unfortunately I think it's something I will have to do for the rest of my life since I tend to be Pollyanna about how many calories/fat food contains.  I always think "there's no way this is that bad" until you pull it up in My Fitness Pal and it's EXACTLY that bad.   

I've been much more mindful about my water and tea drinking, and really find that having hot tea a few times a day keeps me on track and makes me less hungry.  I've found a new tea place online that is way better than Teavana or David's Tea called The Tea Guys.  I find that especially David's Tea has a weird chemical taste to all their stuff that I find pretty repulsive.  I am also hearing that since Starbucks took over Teavana that the teas have gone way downhill.  Plus they are so freaking expensive!  I did a random search online for a new tea source and found The Tea Guys and ordered a few things.  I am definitely impressed.  The teas are very natural and clean tasting, and I am officially in love!  Their straight up peppermint is awesome, as well as the Chocolate Mint Rooibos.  I also got the Earl Grey Creme tea (apparently Teavana changed the formula on theirs and it SUCKS from what I read online), and the Gingersnap Cookie, which are both really awesome.  If you are interested in checking them out, I definitely recommend it! 

I have also been good about moisturizing twice a day too!  It's definitely annoying and adds more "fussing" to my routine than I normally care for, but my skin looks really good, and it's kind of nice to not have a shower of flakes around me when I take off a piece of clothing.  I was like Pig Pen from the Peanuts, except dry skin instead of dirt.  (I know that it was imperative for you to know that.)  I also started taking coconut oil supplements because my hair has been insanely and inexplicably dry for several months.  I don't blow dry or straighten my hair, and I don't color it either, so it really has no reason to be like that.  I've only been taking the capsules for a week so I haven't noticed a huge difference yet but hopefully it will help.

And another race update...I signed up for another local half marathon in May.  I can't believe I am all gung ho and actually seeking them out!  I am definitely not wanting to lose my running base, so I am looking forward to continuing to race.   I poked around online the other night and found a training schedule to use as a guide to gear up for the Louisiana Half, which is only like 11 weeks away or something.  I am going to get back into it next week and start doing my runs.  I am definitely excited and ready, especially now that my nutrition is back on track.  I have so much energy and I'm ready to put it to use!  (Please remind me of this when I'm bitching about a training run!!)

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