Friday, October 4, 2013

Vega One, Overalls and Oh Yeah, A Marathon!

Just wanted to hop on here really quickly because I'm waiting for my computer to do something, and while it takes 5 years to do that, it gives me a minute to blog.

My marathon is Sunday.  Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous, and it takes everything within me to not say "Well f*ck YEAH, wouldn't you be?"  Yes, I am nervous.  Terrified.  Excited.  Ready.  Lots of other feelings.  And sometimes, I am denial that it's happening. 

I am going tonight to get my packet/bib and whatever else comes with all of that.  I think there are a couple of shirts and trinkets that you get, so I will try to post pictures.

To end on a lighthearted note, when I logged into my Blogger account, I always like to look at the stats of where traffic is coming from because I'm nerdy like that.  It also will show you what web searches are causing your blog to display, and I'm always mildly amused at the things that my blog shows up for, but really got a chuckle out of the ones for today.  The first one was "my so called life overalls", which at first I was wondering why the hell I would show up for that.  Then I realized that a few runs ago I was remarking about a woman who was wearing overalls and made a comment about My So Called Life.  It's so funny, it's exactly the type of random crap that I search for on the internet, but I am sort of intrigued at why someone would be searching for that.  Are they looking to purchase overalls?  Did they read my blog and not know what the hell my reference was because I am 700 years old?  Did they want to walk down memory lane?  Oh the possibilities!  And if you happen to be the person that searched that term, don't worry, I do not judge you.  You should see the crap Eric and I look up at home, mostly to settle arguments over movies/actors.

The other search term that made me laugh was "vega one poop".  Judging by how many searches I've seen my blog come up for that relate to Vega One protein powder, it sounds like I'm not the only person who (as my brother so eloquently puts it) got the "ass piss" from it.  If you are a new reader, or somehow stumbled on this via a web search yes, Vega One is evil.  You will, ahem, burn the candle at both ends after consuming it.  Just don't.  And if you already ate it and are wondering why the hell your insides are coming out of your mouth and other places, then I'm so sorry.  It's definitely a horrible product.

Tomorrow I am going to be resting and relaxing, and then Sunday will be the big day.  I plan to do some Facebook updates, but don't expect any recaps until Monday or Tuesday!!  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck good luck good luck!!! You'll do so great, you've been putting the time & training in and I think it's going to be awesome. My only advice (and only because I've done it), is to start out with your actual pace group or even in a slower pace group. Everyone always starts off too fast in all the excitement and it's much easier to pass people that are walking spread out than being jostled and passed by people faster. And HAVE FUN!!