Monday, October 28, 2013

Race Announcements!

I can't tell you guys how good it feels to be at home and back in a more normal schedule, and to even sleep in a little!  Even so, I felt so strange this weekend not having a long run scheduled, even though it was the bane of my existence all summer.  It felt even more strange to not have anything to work towards, and I know I said many times that I couldn't wait for both of my big races to be over, and now that they are I just feel weird.  As I said in my last post, I had a super positive experience during the Nike Women's half, and by the end I had that same elated feeling when I crossed the finish line that I normally have.  As soon as I was done I couldn't wait to get online and see what races I could sign up for next!

Next month I'm signed up for two races here in Portland, both holiday themed ones.  I'm pretty excited about them because I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, and both of these races are low pressure things where we're just going to have fun.  And I made my poor, long suffering husband sign up with me for both of them, and I love when he runs with me, even though I know it's not his thing.  The first race is the Ugly Sweater Run 5k, and is definitely just a silly thing for fun.  We joined a team with a couple of our coworkers (one of them is the girl I roomed with in San Francisco and who ran the NWHM with me).  I don't know where the heck I'm going to get an ugly Christmas sweater, and was joking with my mom this weekend about how bummed I was that we still didn't have some of the ones from my childhood.  We had some super bad ones in the late 80's/early 90's era, and that shit was NOT ironic.

The second race is the Oregon Turkeython on Thanksgiving Day, which should be a good start to the gluttony.  I am doing the 10k and Eric is doing the 5k.  I have always wanted to do a Turkey Trot, and I will be completely honest, I am obsessed with medals now and I really wanted the tacky ass turkey medal that you get for finishing the race.  This is the glorious medal I'll be getting:

I mean....I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of excited.  I'm almost more excited for it than I was my marathon medal, lol. 

Now for the bigger running announcement that I mentioned yesterday.  I haven't really talked about this, but I have a 2 month sabbatical coming up next year in January and February, which I am pretty excited about.  I've been toying with what to do during my time off, and one particular thing kept coming up for me as something I wanted to do.  I knew at some point I wanted to go back to Louisiana to hang out with my family since I don't get to see them that often.  Just for "fun" I kept looking to see if there were any local races going on during the time I roughly wanted to go down, an one kept jumping out at me.  I decided to go for it this weekend and sign up.

Now don't get riled up, I did NOT sign up for the full marathon, only the half!  No way am I even considering a full ever again without about a million stipulations, but a half?  Absolutely.  This one is in Baton Rouge, and I couldn't be more thrilled to run a race in my home state.  And of course, I'm pretty thrilled about those medals lol.  For those who are like "WTF is that", it's a running shoe print with a Cyprus tree in the middle.  I love, love love it!  I called my parents to tell them that I am coming down for 2 weeks to visit and will be running the race, and they just about peed themselves.  It will be nice for them to be able to see me race, which they've never been able to do before since I live so far away.

It feels good to have some races in the hopper, and to have something to work towards again.  Running is funny like that.  You bitch and moan about it, but it does become a part of your life that you feel lost without.  Races are totally addictive (medal or not), and I am very happy to have some coming up that are all about having fun.  The Louisiana Half is going to be fun too because of seeing my family.

So those are my announcements!  Now you guys get to look forward to me continuing to post craziness about my running training!


  1. OMG, my half is on January 19th.....I would have totally driven to Baton Rouge to be at that one with you......but alas, now I am committed to mine on the same weekend! So happy that you are getting your excitement back.....I do them for fun....always love a themed race! The Christmas sweater one sounds hysterical......btw, check ebay for some UGLY sweaters.....I got my daughter one for a Christmas party last year.

    1. Damn, I didn't even think about that! I swear one of these days, we need to have some kind of PINK reunion. Maybe like you, me , Beca and Kim could meet up somewhere and do a race/walk. PM me your number on Facebook so that we can text during our halfs! I know that looking down once in awhile and seeing texts from my family and friends was so helpful! So funny that we'll be doing them the same day.

  2. Ugly sweater race sounds like an amazing time. As a bday present to myself, I'm going to NYC for my 40th birthday so of course I checked for races. There's a Hot Chocolate 5km/10km run through Riverside Park in Manhattan on December 1st so I signed up for that! Also the day after I get home from my trip, I"m doing the Santa Shuffle 5 km. Always a fun time and there's a cute medal. Will be so nice for you and your family to have them at the finish line in Louisiana!! Also good to have another big race on the horizon to keep it going and not lose your running base.

    1. So jealous that you are going to NYC! I have heard that those Hot Chocolate runs are a lot of fun, and I am all about that from now on.