Saturday, October 12, 2013

Brown Margaritas

Today I did something almost as hard as my marathon, which was get up when I was immensely hungover and had about 4 hours of sleep to go on a 4 mile walk.  God.  Yesterday was one of the worst days at work, which is saying something in the scope of this year.  One of those where you come home and cry (as you're doing overtime) until your husband forces you to get up and go out to dinner to get your head in a different space.  We tried out this Mexican place we'd never been to before that I had babbled to him about when I was totally doped up before my Lasik surgery.  I guess many years ago a friend had told me this place had margaritas that were so strong, they were tinted brown from the amount of tequila.  I was insisting we go there after my surgery, because you know, what better thing to do after 2 Xanex and eye surgery than go drink.  Obviously we didn't do that (I was out by the time I got to the car), so Eric suggested we go there last night.  I guess if there was ever a night where I needed a brown margarita it was this one.

True to the legend, the margaritas were pretty damn strong and indeed seemed to have that faint goldish tint from tequila.  I of course had two large ones.  The food there was okay, I think I liked it a little more than Eric did.  I am not sure that we'll go back, just because the food didn't blow us away and the service sucked.  I guess I'll just have to make my own brown margaritas!

Unfortunately between still being upset about work and drinking too much, I popped wide awake at a little before 1 am, and couldn't go back to sleep until 4, then had to wake up at 6.  UG.

See, I have not trained with my Team in Training team for the whole summer.  When I saw my coach out on the marathon course, I promised I'd go to the last training so that I could pick up some stuff I need for the San Francisco trip, and to decorate my race shirt.  That was all well and good until I was hungover and running on no sleep, but a promise is a promise, so I dragged myself out of bed and drove to Vancouver freaking Washington.  No coffee, no breakfast, not even any water.  Also, I was pretty sure that I was sweating tequila out of my pores.

The training walk was ok.  I did the 4 mile route option and walked with a nice older lady who is a coach on the team.  She was also very quiet so we just kind of had a peaceful walk without a lot of chitchat.  I am a bit worried about my leg.  I noticed during the last mile of the walk that tendon was really barking at me.  At one point we all jogged across a crosswalk since the light was about to turn, and my leg really didn't like that at all.  I still have another week before the half marathon, so I really hope that my leg settles down.

I am definitely ready to get the half marathon over with.  This getting up on the weekends and having obligations stuff sucks.

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  1. Too funny. Well the stronger they make the margaritas, the less likely that you will notice crappy service and so-so food. I am guessing that's their motto. :-)