Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back To Basics

So I mentioned after my marathon that I wanted to start focusing on my nutrition again, which has been simply abysmal since the start of the summer.  A lot of it was that I was stressed from work, and tracking food just simply got to be too much.  Once I added the marathon training in there was stress on top of stress.  I needed something to ease up in my life, and my healthy eating and commitment to slimming down ended up being the sacrifice.  I'm not saying it was a wise idea, it's just kind of the way things happened.  And I think a lot of people automatically assume that when you are doing training runs that you turn into a toothpick, but it's actually pretty common for people to gain weight when they run.  That's what we're going to roll with anyway.  ;)

I'm definitely not happy with how I look right now, especially since I've lost a lot of muscle tone and am pretty convinced that I'm getting some flying squirrel wings on my arms which is NOT cool.  My pants don't fit great anymore either, and I'm falling into that "I'm throwing on a dumpy hoodie and jeans to cover the rolls" mode.  I weighed last night and was surprised to see that I haven't really gained as much as I thought considering the debauchery of the last few months (only 10 pounds), but to illustrate how important strength training and muscle is, my body shape is totally different and not in a good way.  I know some people make light of yoga or think that it isn't that tough, but I had way more muscle tone when I was doing it on a regular basis than I do now.  Regardless, I've acknowledged my failings and am going to buckle down and get back into it. 

The full and half marathons have given me a new confidence in myself that I can stick things out, so I feel good and hopeful about getting back into my nutrition and finally getting into the physical zone I want to be in.  Seriously, if I could tough out the painful last 10 miles of the marathon, then I should have the fortitude to not shove 12 salted caramels from Costco into my face every night. I really want to be in a healthier state for my upcoming races.  I want to improve my speed and also not look like Jabba the Hut in my race pics!  I was pretty horrified by some of my NWHM pictures, so it's like yeah, it's time to quit horsing around and get back into things.

As usual, I don't believe in crazy diets or completely cutting out anything, I'm just going to your basic calories in/calories out, "I can live with this for the rest of my life" approach.  Here are some of my intentions starting today:

  • Drink more water and hot tea:  I don't do too bad on water really, but I have so much loose leaf tea at home that I need to enjoy, and I really want to focus on making sure I'm hydrating myself enough.  I know I did so much better with eating when I drank a ton of hot tea, and now that it's cold weather again, it just seems right.
  • Start eating better breakfasts, including putting my Vitamix to use and making fruit/veggie smoothies:  My breakfasts are usually not my problem meal but usually it's just boring cream of wheat, so I don't feel like I get variety or even the nutrients I need.  I treated myself to a Vitamix blender over the summer, and it makes amazing smoothies, so I want to utilize that more for breakfasts.  It's just so easy to get in a lot of yummy raw foods in at once, and I'm usually pretty full if I have one of those in the morning.
  • Getting more fiber in general:  I do so bad with this, and I need to get better.  Fiber means happy days and being lighter, and typically when I get more fiber, it means that I'm eating the way I'm supposed to.  And I think whether we want to admit it or not, we all love being able to go "big potty" without issue. 
  • More yoga:  I mentioned this after the marathon, but I want to get back into regular yoga practice again.  I didn't have back, hip or foot pain when I was in regular practice, and I want my muscles back!
  • Moisturizing my skin more:  I know this sounds like a weird thing to focus on, but it just kind of falls into that whole taking care of myself thing and that I want to be better about it.  I want to take care of my skin so that it hopefully is kind to me and somewhat bounces back as I shed weight.  I've been really focusing on it since Saturday, and already am so happy with how much better my skin looks.  I'd also like to try to feel a little more girly and pretty, and you can't be girly and pretty with alligator skin!
Of course it's only Tuesday, but I've been doing pretty well this week with my food.  I'm tracking again, which is unfortunately something I think I'll have to do for the rest of my life.  I just don't do well going rogue.  But it feels good to get better food in my system, and I haven't been terribly hungry or gotten headaches.  I have indeed had smoothies for breakfast.  The one I made Monday was super gross but I drank it anyway (beet, beet greens, pineapple, lime and a banana), but the one today was freaking delicious.  I used plain kefir, which was a total impulse buy, and blended it with pineapple, strawberries and a pear.  SO good.  It's been pretty basic other than that.  Salads, lean meats, baked sweet potatoes, homemade chicken noodle soup, etc.

I haven't started the yoga or my training runs this week.  I wanted to start back with my nutrition and food tracking, get it ingrained as a habit again, then add my fitness back in.  I


  1. I love that you posted moisturizing. I just started this two days ago. How is it that I'm almost 40 and I am just started to do this?? That and wrinkle cream that may or may not work on my forehead. I have a Vitamix too and I used to be on it with the smoothies and this summer got away from me. Game on!

    1. When you're a teenager you just don't really think of it. Then suddenly you're 33, look in the mirror and realize that you see lines on your face and it's like yeeeeeeah I'm not 17 anymore am I. My skin and hair have been so dry lately and it's been driving me insane, so that's why it is one of my commitments. Glad to hear that I'm not the only person who is focusing on it!