Sunday, September 8, 2013

Take 2

Well shit.

It just wasn't my weekend.  My 17 miler today turned into a 13 miler, and honestly, I'm too tired and resigned to feel bad about it.  I normally would be wringing my hands about disappointing my 3 readers, myself, my husband, etc, but I don't really feel anything about it.  I was in a better place mentally today, or at least in a place where I could go do my run.  I woke up at 5 am but was so exhausted that I let myself fall back asleep.  I figured it was better to get the extra sleep rather than carry the resentment over not being able to sleep in on the weekends.  I got up around 6:30 (though truth be told, I could have slept much longer) and ate my Cliff Bar, had coffee, set all my running crap up and got out of the door at 7:30.

I knew that I was probably going to pay the price for having such a late start.  After a cold/rainy spell, which of course I missed because we were in stupid San Diego last week where it was a thousand degrees, Portland is back to heat wave territory.  The high today is supposed to be 85, and I knew I was going to not have a pleasant run, but I didn't anticipate it being so bad so fast.

I planned to do a 7 mile loop followed by two 5 mile loops, and things started out fairly ok.  There were points where my pace was really good, and in fact, there were times I was running a 9:30 pace and holding it for a minute at a time.  That is unheard of for me!  Then on the way back I really struggled.  The sun was absolutely blazing down on me, there was no shade to cover me, and I just really wanted to keel over.  The last 2 miles of my loop were SO uncomfortable.  I got back to the house and told Eric that there was just no way I could finish my run.  He gently encouraged me to try doing one more loop and seeing if I could push through, but I dicked around for about 25 minutes at the house trying to decide what to do.  I drank 24 ounces of Coco Hydro, which is also something else that is unheard of for me.  I never go running with that much fluid in my stomach, it usually results in horrible side cramps, but that's how freaking hot it was.  I just gulped it down without a second thought.  I refilled my bottle with coconut water and ice, and hemmed and hawed some more.  I finally decided that I would go do my first 5 mile loop and allow myself to walk it.  I figured I could get through it at least if I were just walking it, but it was something I needed to at least try, and if it was too much then I'd quit for good.

At first it went ok.  Walking in heat is much more tolerable than running in it, though it still wasn't very fun.  I picked a couple of side streets to duck down so that I could have some shade breaks, and I honestly felt like I could make it.  I got to the turnaround point and decided to do something that seemed really smart at the time, but probably dumb after the fact.  I reasoned with myself that if I kept going and did a 7 mile loop, then I would have a 3 mile loop to finish with instead of a 5 mile loop.  The other benefit was that if I kept going there was actually more shade, whereas if I turned around I'd be heading right back in full sun.  It all made sense to me, so I kept going.

Everything went well at first, and I even started jogging again, though very slowly.  I misjudged my turnaround point because math is not my thing, and I realized that my final loop was going to be 2 miles.  I looked at my phone and realized it was noon, the temperatures were soaring, and I still had what felt like a million miles to go.  Then it hit me of just how very hot and tired I was, how much longer I had to go, and that I would be out in the heat through it all.  I texted Eric and told him to come get me.

Again, I don't really feel that bad about it, though I do realize I only had 4 more miles until I hit my 17.  The thing with me is though, 4 miles is going to take over an hour.  The thought of being in the 80 degree weather for that long of a time was unbearable.  I am just going to go for 18 next week and not worry about it.



  1. 13 (especially in the heat!) is awesome! I know it's not what it was "supposed" to be, but that's ok. No training cycle is ever perfect! And, girl, can I sympathize about the "only 4 more miles" equaling an hour. It's not "only" 4 more miles when you are our speed - it's FOUR MORE MILES?!?!

    Still. I think you did great. *hugs*

  2. Just think, you ran a freaking half marathon today. No defeat in that. Plus, not every run is going to be great. Some suck, some inexplicably, impossibly blow so much more than that, and some make you love running and there doesn't seem to be an rhyme or reason for why. With today not being great, chances are, the next will be. You're doing awesome.

  3. Dang girl! You did awesome! Focus on what you DID get done...not what you didn't!