Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Cooler Day

As you guys could tell from my Facebook post, I woke up today and was almost able to order my "The bitch died happy" tombstone, because not only was it cooler but also misting!  When I went out to walk Molly, there was the teensiest bit of rain hitting my face, and I was never so happy to feel it in my life.  I was actually excited about bagging up my running clothes and running this afternoon.  I really needed to have some sort of physical activity to try to boost my spirits.  I have been feeling really anxious and panicky the last couple of weeks, mostly due to work.  I've been really down all this week, which hasn't been very fun.  Hopefully things begin to look up soon.

Back to the weather...I was quite excited that the clouds never did burn off, and the temps stayed around 63 degrees.  And oh boy, what a difference from Tuesday!  Today I ran 1.2 miles without stopping, as opposed to Tuesday when I, gasping for air, had to take a walk break at a half mile.  And I could barely make it to that!  I certainly am not going to qualify for the Olympics anytime soon, but my time was much faster when I was running today than it was on Tuesday.  I even was mildly sad when I was nearing 3 miles, because it felt like it was over so fast. Of course with me, fast is relative and I'm not really fast at all!  But at least my time was about five and a half minutes faster than on Tuesday.

My foot is bothering me pretty bad still.  I'm just hoping that it can hold out for like 3 more months, and then it can fall off for all I care, ha ha.


  1. Yay for cooler temps! I think my favorite run ever was one day when it was about 40 degrees and it was sleeting. LOL

    Love those bright shoes, by the way - what kind are they? =)

    1. They are New Balance Minimus Trail. I love them, they are minimalist shoes, but have a tiny bit of a thicker sole than something like the Five Fingers, and also have more traction. The toe box is nice and roomy too.

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