Friday, July 5, 2013

Four on the Fifth

So I ran today for the first time in a really long time (well, since the Helvetia 10k!), and it certainly had no right to be a good run.  I've eaten like shit, I ate junk food and and pounded alcohol last night (you:  "Yeah it's you, so we assumed"), have barely run (you:  "Again, that's a given with you"), and didn't sleep a super long time last night.  This morning I got up and sucked down 2 cups of coffee and no breakfast, and then Eric dropped me off at a friend's house to check in on their dog.  I have been taking care of their dog in the mornings this week while they are out of town, and since Eric had stuff to do this morning, I told him to drop me off at their house and I would run home after taking care of Henry.  I figured it would be a good test of where I am at physically.  I have my very first group training run tomorrow and it's 8 MILES (gulp), so I need to get my damn life together.  I figured doing this run would show me whether tomorrow is going to be hell, or if it's going to be ok.

I went into the run saying to myself that I was just going to give in to the experience and not worry about my speed, and that's exactly what I did.  I was slower than all get out, but my breathing was good, my legs felt good, and I felt good physically.  I was doing about a 13 minute mile when I was "running", but I was perfectly happy with that.  I really didn't even take that many walk breaks because I didn't need them.  When the run ended, I was left with a sense of  "I could probably do another 4 of those without crying in public or having to go to the hospital", which was a relief.  It helped that the temps here dropped, and the weather was actually pretty perfect for running.  It was cool with a faint breeze, and there was a ton of cloud cover.  As you know, the sun and I are mortal enemies unless it's about 30 degrees and sunny.

As I said, I have my first group run tomorrow and I am SO nervous.  I have been talking with a few of the people on Facebook and they are all very nice and welcoming, so it's more of my social anxiety stuff.  I am terrified that people will want to talk to me while I am running, which always leads to the side stitches from hell when I try to engage in conversation while running.  It hard core messes with my breathing, and it's part of the reason I prefer to not run with people.  It's not really one of those things where you can be like "Hey I know we're on a team together and raising funds for cancer research, but can you not talk to me?"  I just hope I can run through any pain that's happening without looking like too much of an ass.  I am going to lay out all of my stuff tonight so that I'm not freaking out and scrambling in the morning.

I did a bit of running related shopping this weekend.  All of my running clothes are totally ghetto, and the ones that aren't are winter clothes, so I went into Old Navy yesterday to pick up some stuff.  They were having a great sale and had everything in the store 30% off, so I bought a little more than I intended.  I bought several workout tank tops, 2 pairs of capris and 2 pairs of shorts.  I normally shy away from shorts because women's running shorts are SO short.  I'm not a prude, but I do like to have my inner thighs intact and not ground to hamburger by the evil forces of chub rub.  These seem as though they won't ride up too bad.  I may try them on a short run (ha!) and see how they do.  I also went and bought electrolyte tablets for my water at the suggestion of the coach.  She actually recommended bringing a sports drink, but I am not touching Gatorade or Powerade with a 10 foot pole.  Not only are they gross, but if I"m going to drink my calories, it's going to be in beer form.  I'd heard about the electrolyte tabs and thought I'd give them a shot.  I stopped by a Dick's Sporting Goods today and got two different brands to see which I would like better.  One is the one the SF race will be using, I think it's called Nuun, and I got the grape flavor.  I also got the Gu brand in lemon lime.  Hopefully they are both fairly decent and don't taste like that Heed shit that seems to be all the rage at the Portland races.  I do like that they are barely any calories, and don't have a ton of sugar in them!  I will let you guys know what I think of the tabs tomorrow!


  1. I just got some of those tabs in my July Stride Box. I'm looking forward to trying them out - because like you, I don't "do" Gatorade or Powerade.

    1. Well the verdict is in, and both tablets are actually really tasty. I definitely felt a lift from drinking them. I preferred the "Gu Brew", mainly because I put two tabs of the Nuun in my water, and it was a bit much. But that's my bad, not Nuun's. I also tried the Mint Chocolate Gu Shots today and oh boy. That stuff is like straight up cake frosting, it's so good!