Saturday, June 1, 2013

Half of a Half

Well I did something smart yesterday and downgraded my registration next Saturday from the half marathon to the 10k.  The more I thought about it, I just simply wasn't going to risk an injury that could potentially set me back from marathon training.  I mean, doing 13 miles after not training for 2 months?  There is believing in yourself and there is foolishness, and doing the half marathon would have been the latter.  I felt a lot better as soon as I hit that submit button to change my registration, and now I am actually excited for the race, even though it's going to be hot.  Yuck.

I am on a recipe testing kick, just to mix things up and find new healthy ones to add to the mix.   I posted a picture of our dinner last night on the Runs To Get Waisted Facebook page, just a simple rice and beans concoction that I got from the Two Gomers Run For Their Lives podcast.  I really enjoyed it, and it was super fast to throw together!  This morning I made cottage cheese pancakes, which sounds gross and questionable, but actually turned out really good.  The description in the recipe is apt, they are pillowy in texture due to the melty quality of the hot cottage cheese and the whipped egg whites.  It's also a very simple recipe with minimal ingredients and is filled with protein.  I highly recommend it, so if you'd like to try it out, the recipe is here at

Today is going to be crazy and intense.  We signed up to be in the Starlight Parade here in Portland with the Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest float.  Molly and I will be on the float and Eric will be walking beside us.  I am a bit nervous because 1) we will be on TV and 2) there will be 300k people there, and I hope Molly doesn't have a stroke.  She will probably be fine, but I'll be the one having the stroke.  ;)  We have to help decorate the float this morning for a few hours, race home and get ourselves/Molly ready, then drive back out to Portland to line up in the float formation area.  Molly apparently has to wear a party hat and a "festive" jacket as it was described to me, so that should be an absolute scene.  I will obviously post pictures of the insanity tomorrow!

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