Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Confessions of a Wasted Runner - Part Two!

So this is going to be the harder post to write, since last night I was pretty much talking about ANYTHING but fitness or running.  It's easy to talk about happy stuff like dogs, music and my wedding anniversary.  Not as easy to talk about my running grinding to a halt, or the torrid affair I've been having with Ben AND Jerry's for like a month.  I know, scandalous! 

I was not lying when I said that I had to stop running when I got sick, there was just no two ways about it.  It's the roughest I've felt in a long time, and that is also not an excuse.  I mean physically running just couldn't happen for me, and it really did take about a month for me to remotely get to "normal".  (Up until 2 weeks ago I was STILL coughing up horrors from my lungs, which is amazing considering my cold/bird flu started around April 17th.)  The problem is that while being sick, I slipped back into some really awful habits like "oh ice cream makes my sore throat feel better" and "drinking makes my cough go away, and tequila tastes better than cough syrup!".  My coughing was literally making me so crazy that I'd have a bunch of wine at night just to stop coughing.  I think the world would have given me a pass on going crazy with that stuff when I actually was sick, but the problem is, once you slip back into those habits it's really damn hard to crawl back out of the hole you've dug for yourself once your body is back to normal.  And running?  Forget it.

So here I am.  Waistband tight again, lost muscle, no stamina and in a real fitness funk.  I'm trying really hard to regain that excitement about running and healthy eating that I had 2 months ago.  I actually am going to use the next few days to dial my eating back down and get used to eating less, and then begin full on tracking with WW again on Sunday.  It's going to be really f'ing rough, I'm not going to lie.  I know I can do it, but I'm just being honest with myself and everyone that I'm going to want to choke a bitch out during this detox phase.  I'm also going to go on a short run tomorrow (probably more like 2 miles) to see where I am at physically.  And did I mention that I have a half marathon I have to do on June 8?  Please shoot me.  :)  I debated for a long time about blowing it off, but decided that I will not be a titty baby due to my poor choices.  Even if I have to walk most of it, I'll do it.

I know I keep teasing an announcement on Facebook, and I do have a running announcement....but will save that for the next blog post.  :)


  1. The parallels to my life in this post are staggering. Well, except I had a bit more time between getting better after my 7 week cough-fest and my HM. Still. I can sympathize - but I can also tell me that You Can Do It! (said in the annoyingly peppy tone that I'm sure you're imagining)

    It'll be tough, but not as tough as you think. Hang in there. ;-)

  2. I got injured in march at my ten mile training point and had to run/walk my half in April. I swore and hated the first ten miles and then things started getting better :) good luck at your half!

    I too need to pull myself out of my dark hole, I've been down there swimming in captain Morgan and Cheeto puffs!! I'm trying to be a better WW so your post helped me a lot... It's nice to know someone else healed the same way!! Happy anniversary! Hubby and celebrate 6 years in October :)