Sunday, April 7, 2013


I did it!  This time for real! 

I got up this morning knowing that I was going to do a longer run, but I was not sure what that was going to look like or how far I was going to go.  I was feeling tired and was trying to put off my run as long as I possibly could.  I made myself breakfast, an English muffin with eggs and ham.  I watched the new episode of "My Cat From Hell" on the DVR and stretched.  Despite my best efforts to talk myself out of the run, I finally decided to just get up and get it over with!  We went out with my aunt and uncle last night and I ate a couple of things I had not already preplanned, mainly a Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwich.  They were all delicious and enjoyed, but I knew that I needed to pay the piper for it.

The temperature wasn't too bad, it was in the 50's, however it rained the entire time I was running.  I brought a water bottle with me but almost didn't need it since the moisture in the air was practically keeping my skin and mouth hydrated.  I was surprised to find that once again my lung capacity felt incredible, and my legs felt like they could go on forever.  I decided to take a walk break after mile 1 to save my legs for whatever distance I was going to do (I still hadn't decided a mile into the run!)  At first I said to myself that I would do five miles again, since I did so well the other day.  Then I was like, "Well, but you really should be doing a longer distance on the weekend, so you should do 6".  Then my brain said reproachfully, "You DID have that Ruby Jewel last night when you intended to get a smaller dessert.  Plus you were supposed to run  7 miles last week and you didn't even come close to that.  Do 7."  Yes, I am a crazy person and have a constant dialogue with myself when I am running!

So it was decided, I was going to do 7.  I passed the road last week where I turned around, the road that according to Run Keeper meant I'd gone 3.5 miles.  I looked at my Garmin and it said 2.72 miles!!  (Yikes, that meant I'd run even LESS than I thought last week.)  With every beep of my Garmin signaling another mile passing, I continued to run, continued to feel good and continued to be amazed.  I felt so good that I briefly considered doing 8 miles, but I decided to keep it at 7 miles, which was already further than I have ever run in my life!  The last half mile was probably the worst, and it made me so happy I stuck with the 7 mile goal!  My legs were pretty shot towards the end, not with pain so much, but I was just very tired and had raging heart burn. When that 7 mile notification beeped, I wanted to dance!  As I said, it's the most I've ever run in my entire life.  I would have fainted at the thought of doing 7 miles back in January, but this actually wasn't that bad!! 

My husband was pretty cute, I had texted him during my 5th mile to tell him I was doing 7 miles, and when I walked in the house he started applauding me!!  I told him I wanted to be greeted like that every time I walked in the room from now on!  ;)

I rewarded myself with a dinner that I have been ridiculously craving for a month...I don't know why, but I have wanted a damn hot dog so bad!   I have not been able to stop thinking about them!  Since I earned a pretty hefty amount of PP for my run today, I decided to go for it and have a couple of Kosher hot dogs complete with sauerkraut, relish and mustard.  I enjoyed every bite of them too!!   And I MAY have gotten another Ruby Jewel sandwich to enjoy tonight for dessert.  Just maybe.


  1. Awesome!! So Proud of you!! And you totally earned your hotdogs, lol!

  2. Way to go!!! I love that we are both the same speed. Our route at run club this morning planted us at 6.6 miles. Now I'm wishing I'd run around the block a couple times!

    And now I'm craving a hotdog with all those same condiments plus onions.

  3. Congrats!! 7 miles is awesome. =)

  4. Thanks everyone! Yeah it's funny, I had my two hot dogs and that was it, the craving was gone. Sometimes you just have to go there. I was almost more excited by the kraut/relish we bought. It was this brand called Bubbies, and it was SO GOOD. I could have eaten the whole jar of kraut by itself. The way they canned it was without a bunch of preservatives, and the cabbage was still crunchy almost. So good. And on the run, the part that excited me the most is that I had NO pain today. Usually at the very least my foot will be a little tender. Nothing though!