Friday, April 12, 2013


So, I was supposed to run 5 miles yesterday.  I had my gear at work and was about an hour away from changing my clothes when my husband IM'd me a link and was like "Um, I don't know if you should be running home today."  It was a news article about a huge bee swarm right at a main street on my route!  I guess it was a huge problem, and then the silly cops drove cars up in the middle of the bees and seriously pissed them off so they were trying to find a way to contain them.  I mulled it over and was like, maybe it will be clear by the time I run through, but then a thought popped in my head.  I was just like, "Oh my God, what if  I'm suddenly in the middle of a bee swarm like Macaulay Culkin in 'My Girl'?!"

No one wants to be Macaulay Culkin from "My Girl" because HE DIED from bee stings, and then they find the mood ring and it's blue, and the whole thing is just sad.  In other words, I decided it would be best to not run.  I made myself promise to run the five miles today, even though I'm usually more in the "let's crack a beer" mode on Fridays than the "yay for running!" mode.

I'm pleased to say that I kept my promise, laced up my shoes and got out there.  The run today was thankfully not as horrible as my run Tuesday, though it was still kind of hard.  I took a lot of walk breaks in the beginning, although I was able to run the first mile relatively comfortably.  That is definitely a change from the Tuesday run!  I didn't have a day like Sunday where I ran 7 miles like it ain't no thang, but I slowly was able to get into the groove and somewhat enjoy the run.  The flowers are really starting to pop here, especially the pear, apple and cherry trees.  I should have stopped to take a picture of some of the blossoms, but I did manage to stop and take a picture of these guys:

I don't know why people who live on a busy highway have pet ducks in their front yard, but there it is.  These two were very cute, but seemed pretty concerned about the giant human jogging towards them.  They were letting out these cute little warning quacks at me!

I finally passed the bee intersection, and didn't see any dead bees on the ground.  The paper made it sound like there were thousands of them getting hit by cars, which made me kind of sad actually.  I'm wondering if the paper exaggerated how crazy it was, but we all know the media never exaggerates anything right!

The run went surprisingly fast, and it seems like I was at the house before I knew it.  I like having those kinds of runs, where it feels like it goes by quickly!  This one felt smoother and faster than the 3 miler Tuesday.  Running is so weird!

On a separate note, I will not be posting next week because we will be attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony!!  It will be so nice to have a break from work, see friends/family and just be in a different place.  I am nervous about eating while I am gone, although I have actually done very well this go round with Weight Watchers.  I'm pretty sure I will be able to stay within my PP range, although I may dip into my weekly PP more than I would like.  I have looked at a couple of menus already to places we're going, so that way I am prepared and have some good choices in my pocket.  I will definitely be anxious about not being able to run for a week, but I know we'll be walking all over the place.

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  1. Pretty sure I would have ditched the run, too - bees! Yikes! Those ducks are adorable. Quack!